Fishing Report 9th June 2023

Fishing Report 9th June 2023

Photo: Matthew Langford with Proper Somerset Giant at 58cm

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Fishing Our Region

- Good weather this past week allowed alot of anglers to get out on our local lake and most having pretty successful trips, Good numbers of Yellow Belly schooling up out in front of the sailing club and up in the northern arm, Zx blades prove yet again while soft vibes have also been popular, the fish are sitting around 15 too 20ft of water, the majority of them have been hard to the bottom which is ideal for jigging these lures. A few smaller cod have also started to show up, trolling has worked covering ground and finding those active ones. Saltwater Yabbies and worms are popular for bait anglers. While these fish are sitting reasonably shallow, the Bank fishing has been quite good.

Cressbrook - Starting to see some good edge fishing with this cool change coming in, Jackall Squirrels and Silent TN60's have been getting the Bites, finding weeded edges with bait is key for this technique, the school fishing is getting better but with lost of smaller fish, Metal blades and plastics being the best. The deeper points holding really good numbers of Yellow Belly jigging blades has accounted for plenty.

Leslie - The colder weather is realy starting to move the Yellow Belly amongst the deeper water, edges of the creek bed with isolated structure is your best bet, zx blades prove there dominance yet again at this lake, the steeze soft shell vibe has also been very effective as well as other soft vibes. The Cod are starting to react well to the cooler tempts with the fish starting to move shallow on those cold morning, shallow running swimbaits and Topwater is a great option for this time of year. For the bait anglers you cant go past the ever popular saltwater yabbies.

Somerset - At this time of the year this lake can really be rocks or diamonds but this past week the Big fish have come out to play, spoons proving why they are the best winter time lure. Pelcian Point and the Kirliegh flats are holding the better numbers. The past few weeks we have seen some good numbers of Saratoga starting to be caught, finding submerged trees up the northern end of lake, as the weather cools these fish will draw closer to the top of the water Colum and react well to topwater and suspending jerkbaits like the jackall squirrel.

Boondooma - Its been a little slow the past few months but as the water temps decline the fish have started to school up in massive numbers, blades, spoons, plastics and chatterbaits have had some very good sessions, targeting the larger points in the main basin like, pelican point, barbers pole and the junction. the edge bite has really fired up aswell as these fished fish start to move shallower.

The Weather

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