Atomic - Arrows Spin
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Atomic - Arrows Spin

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The Arrowz series of rods integrates the most advanced designs with the finest materials including Fuji components and full-graphite blanks. Designed in Australia, for Australian species and anglers, this is a series that’s designed for both bait and lure angling and features three ranges, estuary, offshore and barra. The Arrowz Estuary Series offers anglers four spin models to choose from ranging from the finesse special 70SUL rod designed for ultra light bait and lure fishing, to the heaviest model in the series, the 70ML with a maximum line rating of 14lb. The Arrowz Offshore Series features four different models, including the 70M, 70MH, 70H, and ultra work horse of the range, the 70X. All rods in the range are spin model in configuration, feature ultra-refined fore and rear neoprene grips, measure 7 feet in length. Within the Atomic Arrowz range there are also some very scecific models, the Atomic Arrowz Bream Surface has a blank specicically designed to work small top water Bream lures like the Bassday Sugapen, Atomic poppers, zipbaits Skinny pop and any other small surface lure that need a fast taper rod with a soft tip, the Atomic Arrowz range also has a Bream Crank model that has a slower taper that will throw small cranks like the Atomic Hardz and Jackal Chubby's, but is soft enough to ensure you wont pull out hooks or straighten trebbles.The Arrowz also have most models in both 1 and 2 piece. Heavier models in the Atomic Arrows range such as the Arrows AAS-270X is a great offshore rod with a very broad cast range that makes it suitable for fishing various sized Jig heads, with a Max cast weight of 80g you can fish heavy jigheads in deep water or when the current is ripping in close. The Atomic Arrows Estuary AAS-270L is a good allround estuary rod as the nae suggests and will suit and 2000 or 2500 and cast all small harbody cranks and soft plastics. Featuring one spin and two baitcaster rods in the range, and with neoprene fore and cork rear grips, the Atomic Arrowz Barra Series is suited to life in the tropical estuaries, or muscling fish on the lakes. 

Introducing some new rods from the Atomic Arrowz range.

Skinny Water series:

AS-260SUL Skinny Water, AAS-260UL Skinny Water; Perfect rod for the skinny back waters of the estuary system or use from a Kayak. The combine high quality compnednts into the blank whihc makes it light, slightly shorter but also offering strength.

AAS-276WT Whiting Tip:

Perfect for those top water lure fishing using sugapens. Coming in at 7'6" it is the perfect rod for fishing from the flats targetting whiting, bream, flathead and other species.


Barra AAB-60M 7-28g 6' 1pc 10 - 16lb Baitcast

Barra AAS-60MH 8-35g 6' 1pc 12-25lb Spin

Offshore AAS-70H 10-50g 7' 1pc 14-30lb Spin

Offshore AAS-70X 20-80g 7' 1pc 20-40lb Spin

Offshore AAS-70M 7-28g 7' 1pc 8-16lb Spin

Estuary AAS-70L 5-15g 7' 1pc 6-12lb Spin

Bream Crank AAS-70BC 2-10g 7' 1pc 1-5lb Spin

Bream Surface AAS-70BS 2-12g 7' 1pc 3-12lb Spin

Estuary AAS-70UL 3-14g 7' 1pc 3-10lb Spin

70ml 5-21g 7' 1pc 6-14lb Spin

70SUL 2-10g 7' 1pc 2-6lb Spin

70MH 8-35g 7' 1pc 10-25lb Spin

Offshore AAS-70H 10-50g 7' 1pc 14-30lb Spin

Bream Surface AAS-270BS 2-12g 7' 2pc 3-8lb Spin 

Offshore AAS-270X 20-80g 7' 1pc 20-40lb Spin 

Estuary AAS-270UL 3-14g 7' 2pc 3-10lb Spin 

Estuary AAS-270SUL 2-10g 7' 2pc 2-6lb Spin 

Estuary AAS-270ML 5-21g 7' 2pc 6-14lb Spin 

Offshore AAS-270MH 8-35g 7' 2pc 10-25lb Spin 

Offshore AAS-270M 7-28g 7' 2pc 8-16lb Spin 

Estuary AAS-270L 5-15g 7' 2pc 6-12lb Spin 

Bream Surface AAS-270BC 2-10g 7' 2pc 1-5lb Spin

AAS-260SUL Skinny Water 2-10g 6' 2pc 2-6lb Spin

AAS-260UL Skinny Water 3-14g 6' 2pc 3-10lb Spin

Estuary AAS-266UL 3-14g 6'6" 2pc 3-10lb Spin

Estuary AAS-266SUL 2-10g 6'6" 2pc 2-6lb Spin

AAS-276WT Whiting Tip 4-14g 7'6" 2pc 3-8lb Spin

AAS-290SS Shore Spin 20-50g 9' 2pc 14-35lb Spin