Atomic - Real Baitz Pilchard 100mm

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Colour: Blue Pilchard
Blue Pilchard

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Atomic - Real Baitz Pilchard 100mm
Atomic - Real Baitz Pilchard 100mm
Regular price $12.99 AUD
Sale price $19.99 AUD
The pilchard or sardine is one of the most dynamic baits in the sea and a favourite for anglers chasing a wide variety of fish.

The Real Baitz Pilchard emulates this important baitfish superbly. It has a slender profile with a tight beating tail action that appears as if the lure is actually swimming. Perfect for tuna, snapper, all predatory reef species, and inshore predators such as flathead. This is going to be the most versatile bait in your bag!

Style: Swimbait
Size: 100mm and 150mm
Weight: 100mm – 17.0g, 150mm – 52.0g
Action:  Tight wobble and roll with fast tail action
Depth: All



snapper, mackerel, coral trout, reef species, tuna, and kingfish.
The Realbaitz Australian Pilchard is a deadly offshore lure. It has been designed to perfectly imitate the real thing. It can be fished at all depths using a lift and drop technique or can be wound back to the boat. The custom designed tail is designed to imitate the fast-swimming action of the real fish. It can be used offshore in the deep and allowed to sink or over reef flats and wound back to the boat just above the bottom.
• we recommend 10-20lb outfits up to 20-40lb depending on the terrain you are fishing. Braided lines with a flouro leader will be best.
• Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
• Use a very slow wind retrieve or allow it to drop to the bottom and hop it back to the boat for amazing results.
• This lure in all weights casts well and will give you a long cast and cover lots of ground.
• In the smaller sizes this will also make an excellent option for inshore fishing. Using a fast wind fast swimming pelagics will find it irresistible.
• Vary your retrieve slightly by adding in a downward pull of the rod tip causing the lure to accelerate, then decelerate.

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