Wilson - Black Opera House Trap

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Wilson - Black Opera House Trap
Wilson - Black Opera House Trap
Regular price $14.99 AUD
Wilson fine mesh yabby pots are specifically designed for Australian conditions. This trap is ideally suited for use in all freshwater dams and waterways. Complete with a bait pouch and 3" entry rings, it is perfect for catching freshwater crustaceans such as Red Claw, Yabbies, Shrimp and Cheribin.

- Brand New in Original Condition
- Convenient Fold-Out Design
- 2 x 3" Entry Rings - Both ends
- Compact, Lightweight, and Folds Up Easily
- Closed, it Measures 680mm x 450mm x 50mm (approx)
- Opened Up It Measures 680mm x 450mm x 200mm (approx)
- Bait Pouch Included

Australian fishing regulations are detailed, vary between states and are updated regularly. To avoid breaking the law, please check and follow your state or territory's fishing regulations.Please be aware that while we make every effort to offer appropriate product, the availablity of this product does not guarantee the legality of it's use in your state of territory.

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