Shimano - Curado K 200
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Shimano - Curado K 200

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The famous Shimano Curado Reel, loved by many for years, introduces Micro Module Gearing to the range in the brand new released Shimano Curado K Reel. Originally designed for the elite baitcaster models, Micro Module technology changes the playing field in this price category, and makes an enduring favourite even more enticing. The Curado has been the staple of big bass anglers in the States. It has also become much beloved in Australia especially for those who target barramundi, yellowbelly and murray cod, now, the new technology additions take its appeal to the grade of excellence.

Of course, the 6 highly protected bearings provide a velvety smooth crank. It’s the Micro Module gears however that set the Shimano Curado Reel ablaze. The fine gear teeth, now in greater numbers, promote and incredible mesh and superb strength under load. The feel is as though there is nothing going on at all. The extreme work of the gearing is carried out without fuss and next to no noise. The only feedback you get is what is happening down at the lure end. It’s an incredible feel, responsive and sensitive.

5 kg of cross carbon max drag keeps you in control of the fight. Super smooth and amazingly consistent, there is never a slack moment for a fish to get its escape moment. You can feel confident to keep the pressure up all the way. With ample heavy braid spooled up, the Curado will hold its own against the like of big Aussie Bara or Murray cod. Not bad for a reel that sits quite literally in the palm of your hand.

Sleek design adds to the appeal. A stylised star drag wheel and a smattering of gold highlights ensure the Curado is a winner in the cosmetic department. Whether you are in the boat or kayak casting at the racks for Bream, or combing the banks for whiting or flathead, not only will you be performing with the fish, but you will look fantastic too.

SVS infinity and SF technology sit next to the Micro Module Gears as enticing features. Casting is a breeze in most conditions. Dialling in your settings to match rig and conditions is easy, and the SF reduction in friction ensures a greater reach than ever, increasing your strike zone significantly.

The Shimano Curado K Reel for sale now will suits all baitcaster enthusiasts. Got the old Curado G model? Take advantage of the price structure at here at Fishing Tackle Shop and get your new model Shimano Curado K Reel for an absolute steal.