Jackall - Chibitarel DR

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Colour: HL Bluegill
HL Bluegill

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Jackall - Chibitarel DR
Jackall - Chibitarel DR
Regular price $54.98 AUD
Sale price $59.99 AUD

Chibitarel Dead Rise 130mm, 42g, Floating

Dead rising action

When you stop retrieving, it falls sideways like a weakened fish and rises (floats) to the surface of the water while swaying.

S-shaped trajectory slalom action

With medium retrieve, it is possible to create a smooth S-shaped slalom action for escaping baitfish, and with slow retrieve, it is possible to produce a sideways swimming action reminiscent of weakened fish.

Discerning front hook position

The front hook placed on the side of the body is placed on the side of the fish that bites during the surfacing action. A balanced design that achieves both swimming performance and hooking performance.

Best Float 

The balance of the built-in weight and hook size is designed with an exquisite setting in which a part of the back emerges from the surface of the water.

Swivel Eye Specifications

The eye that sets the rear hook adopts a rotating eye with a built-in swivel. It reduces the barre during intense fights that are often seen in big baits.

Joint Site Marker

A site marker is placed to not miss the position of the lure and the bite.
Three colors are adopted: RT Noike DR Gill, RT Spawn DR Gill, and Urokohoro DR Gill.

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