Legit Design - Standout Spin

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Size: SOS 65L 6'5 1.8-7g 2.5-5lb 2pc Breaks At Butt

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 Legit Design - Standout Spin
Legit Design - Standout Spin
Regular price $399.99 AUD
Sale price $599.99 AUD

To stand out, to stand out, to stand out. A state in which an object, person, or event stands out from its surroundings. As the saying goes, “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down,” which is sometimes spoken of with a negative image in Japanese society. However, in the world of hobbies such as fishing and bass fishing, there is value in finding your own style and way of enjoying yourself. Rather, the stake should stick out more and more.


Spin Range:
- SOS63UL LD Standout 6'3 0.9-5g,2.5-5lb
- SOS65L LD Standout 6'5 1.8-7g 2.5-5lb
- SOS65UL LD Standout 6'5 0.8-5g,2-5lb
- SOS69ML LD Standout 6'9 3-11g, fluoro 3-6lb PE.6-1.5
- SOS72ML-2 LD Standout 7'2 5-18g, fluoro 3-6lb, PE 0.6-1.5
- SOS84MH-2, LD Standout 8’4Lure Wt. 10-30g, Line Wt. PE #0.6-1.5


Blank -
24t carbon is the main material, and 30t and 40t carbon are placed in the right places, and the carbon content rate is increased to 100%.

Guide -
Fuji alconite ring + stainless steel frame guide/regit design original setting.

Reel seat -
Fuji ECS (bait model) / Fuji VSS (spinning model).

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