Nomad Design - D-Trak

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Size: 80mm
Colour: Brown Craw
Brown Craw

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Nomad Design - D-Trak
Nomad Design - D-Trak
Regular price $19.99 AUD

The D-TRAK is Nomad Design’s super deep diving and long casting crankbait. Featuring the famous Patented Autotune System that gives anglers a competitive advantage over all other deep cranks. The Autotune System ensures every lure tracks straight and more importantly allows the D-Trak to reach incredible depths. Crank down hard and fast and D-Trak will respond by digging deeper – you simply cannot over crank this bait!

But it is not just deep speed the D-Trak offers. The extra body action offered by the Autotune System means that the bait can be worked super slow and still reach incredible depth with amazing action. Slow rolled deep or power fished hard and fast when searching, the super deep and unique D-Trak crankbait gives you options no matter how you fish.

Outfitted with BKK EWG Spear hooks, Nomad’s HD ABS system, Triple Shield protection in a wide range of colours the D-Trak will let you explore and exploit the depths in your favourite fishery.  Every Nomad Design lure has been crafted by decades of experience on the water to be tougher, last longer and to catch more fish.

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