Atomic - Semi Hardz Vib 40
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Atomic - Semi Hardz Vib 40

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The Vibe is a vibration style lure which is available in three sizes in the Semi-Hardz range. Perfectly balanced, the Semi-Hardz Vibe will sink horizontally, meaning any movement of the rod tip will have it swimming instantly. Designed for offshore, impoundment and estuary use, the lure has been tested extensively on species such as snapper, bass and bream. Barra will also find it irresistible. The lure is designed to be cast and allowed to sink and fished with long and purposeful lifts of the rod tips which will see it swim with a tight wobble attracting a variety of species. The lure sinks slowly and is capable of being fished in a wide range of situations and is built extra tough with a heavy duty wire running through the lure, ensuring you stay connected with your prey, while the life-like feel of the Semi-Hardz will keep fish coming back again and again.


Available in the following sizes:

Atomic Semi Hardz Vib 40mm

Atomic Semi Hardz Vib 50mm

Atomic Semi Hardz Vib 60mm

Atomic Semi Hardz Vib 75mm

Atomic Semi Hardz Vib 110mm