Tec Tackle - Snapper Sinkers
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Tec Tackle - Snapper Sinkers

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Snapper sinkers are a boat fishing favourite designed to sink fast and get your baits to the bottom quickly with as little flutter as possible. The eye at the top of the sinker is used to attach it to the very end of your rig, making this sinker style ideal for paternoster (dropper) rigs, and multi-hook rigs. You can attach, remove or change your sinker easily using a loop knot tied at the end of your line; simply thread the loop through the eye of the snapper sinker, then push the sinker through the loop and tighten the line, so the loop wraps around the sinker eye. Reverse that process for quick sinker removal.

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36535 Snapper Sinkers 1oz 9312327756388 1oz     3

36536 Snapper Sinkers 2oz 9312327756395 2oz     3

36537 Snapper Sinkers 3oz 9312327756401 3oz     2

36538 Snapper Sinkers 4oz 9312327756418 4oz     2

36503 Snapper Sinkers 6oz 9312327814705 6oz     1

36539 Snapper Sinkers 8oz 9312327756425 8oz     1

36540 Snapper Sinkers 12oz 9312327756432 12oz     1