TT ChinLockz Jigheads
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TT ChinLockz Jigheads

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ChinlockZ Hooks are built on chemically-sharpened, black nickel, Mustad Ultrapoint hooks, and designed for fishing unweighted plastics on the surface, or on a dead-slow sink. It’s just a matter of threading the hook through the front of the plastic at 45 degrees and bringing the hook right through. The plastic will then sit with the chin lock inside. Then, measure where the hook point is going to sit and push it through the plastics.You will now have a weedless rig that can be cast just about everywhere - snags, weed beds, lily pads and even out in the open. Just imagine putting on one of your favourite soft plastics on a Chinlockz jig head, and casting it deep into a school of feeding salmon of kingfish. It starts to sink and you get smashed.The Chinlockz will have you locked and loaded ready for action!
Designed for weedless rigging to minimise snagging
Built on quality Mustad black nickel, chemically sharpened hooks
Belly weight for a slow, natural, horizontal sink
Ideal for fishing snags, weed, timber and other structure
Ideal for use with ZMan 10X Tough, ElaZtech soft plastics