Megbass - Vibration-x Vatalion SW
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Megbass - Vibration-x Vatalion SW

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The Megabass Vibration-X Vatalion SW is a tall bodied, thin profiled, 7.1cm, 11grams, slow sinking, jointed swim bait fishing lure that is designed for sub-surface action.

Equipped with a short (1cm) shovel-like bib, and a belly weight located in the throat section of the lure, the Vibration-X Vatalion SW will produce a stable, side-to-side rolling, S-shaped swimming action on a steady retrieve that will cause it to dive no more than 0.5m in depth.

Vibration is created by the free play action of the belly weight that knocks against the side walls of the lure as it being retrieved, which is aided by the position of the tow lug located on top of the widest part of the forehead section of the lure that produce its rolling action.

The Vibration-X Vatalion SW is ideal for targeting sea bass and juvenile jacks in shallow estuary systems under mangrove overhangs that require it to sink slowly into the shadows in search of its prey.

Type: Sub-surface jointed swim bait fishing lure

Application: Saltwater

Buoyancy: Slow Sinking

Dive Depth: 0.5m

Action: Steady, side-to-side rolling, slalom action

Length: 7.1cm

Weight: 11

Hooks: #6 barbed treble hooks x 2