Fishing Report 11th May 2024

Fishing Report 11th May 2024

Photo: Cody Haynes with 112cm barramundi from Lake Monduran caught on a 7' Castaic 

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Product of The Week - Westin - Dropbite 12g

The Tungsten body is fixed directly into our custom-made Colorado spin tail, making this one hard diamond that will stand the test of time! Thanks to the direct connection the vibrations from the blade are amplified by the body, calling predators from far and wide. This extremely detailed lure can be fished in several ways and works great in all types of water, including deeper lakes, on rivers, and from the shore or boat. Try jigging it along the bottom. The blade will spin and vibrate even when the lure drops, triggering predators to strike. DropBite Tungsten Spin Tail Jig can also be fished vertically, straight under the boat, simply fish it up and down in the water column. A versatile and long casting lure that covers a lot of water with the most insane tight and erratic swimming action, thanks to its fat and compact shape.

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    Fishing Our Region

    Cooby Dam - We are really starting to see the transition into the cooler months with the fish slowing down and the water temp dropping. This means Trolling is out and slowing down your lures is in. Bait fishing really comes into its own now with the fish slowing they want something sitting around there face for longer. Jigging blades is still having some success but try pausing for longer and also adding some scent can help.

    Cressbrook Dam - Lots of tough reports lately with just a few yellowbelly and bass being landed. again cooler water temps will mean the fish will move up into the shallower waters. casting TN60 Jackalls to the edges in the morning and late afternoons will be best chance of those bigger fish. Slowing everything down now is key long pauses and more scent on lures while bait fishing will be much more productive over the next couple months.

    Wivenhoe Dam - Some good reports from Wivenhoe still some nice schooling bass on the edge of creek bed. slow rolling metal spoons and Tail spinners has worked best. the numbers of fish have dropped a little but the quality is good with some 50+cm models around.

    Leslie Dam - Lure fishing has slowed down but still plenty of yellowbelly being landed on Saltwater Yabbies and Live worms in 12-15ft of water and they will start moving up even shallower now. Lure of choice is still Ecogear ZX blades combo'd with some Xfactor Scent.

    Macintyre River - Colder months are prime time to hit the rivers and there isn't many better than the macintyre. We have had some great seasons with constant rain for the rivers to really thrive. The Macintyre has been fishing really well around the town of Goondiwindi. Spinnerbaits and hard bodies have worked best as well as throwing a surface lure around dawn and dusk for those more aggressive cod. Definitely worth heading to the rivers over the cooler months.

    The Weather

    Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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