Fishing Report 17th May 2024

Fishing Report 17th May 2024

Photo:  Riley Hanneman with a nice Somerset Bass 

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Product of The Week - Balista Tremor

The Balista Tremor is an Australian creation designed for one purpose, to catch big native fish. At 200mm in length the Tremor has a 3 piece jointed body which provides a realistic action and comes with 3 interchangeable bibs - crawling, wake and diving swim bait. It features advanced electronics with a rechargeable battery, Balista’s trademark LED technology and a looped vibrating motor, a combination that will entice the most aggressive reaction bite. Whether it is trophy Murray Cod or Barramundi you are chasing the Balista Tremor has been designed to keep you in the game longer.

Electronic circuit is water activated | Battery life: 40 hours Vibration: 2/sec loop | LED: 100 flashes per minute Rechargeable: Supplied USB cable with alligator clips - red to the head, black to front hook eyelet.
A Must have bait if your heading to a Cod Lake this Winter!

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    Fishing Our Region

    Cooby Dam - Our local lake has fished pretty well the last week considering the amount of rain and cold weather we have had, the anglers fishing from the bank have some very good sessions, saltwater yabbies worms and prawns all being good options, working the banks between the jetty and rock wall have all produced quite well. For other anglers targeting the deeper banks and finding isolated structure off the edges of the creek bed has been successful, blades and soft vibes being the go too.

    Leslie Dam - Its hard to go past leslie at the current time with the fishing being quite good and some money up for grabs with the tagged fish Competition. With the weather cooling down these fish have started to move a little shallower, still finding structure close to the bottom is a must. ZX and TT Switchprawns have again been the most effective lures while smaller soft vibes like the Zerek fish trap and Tt quake both working well. Trolling anglers have had quite good success working the banks with Jackall TN60's and shallower hardbodies. If you are heading to the lake early its worth throwing some big baits such as swimbaits and Topwater.
    Wivenhoe Dam - It's that time of year where this lake comes into its own as the catfish plague tends to die off, edge fishing has been quite good throughout the early mornings, casting Lipless crankbaits and suspending jerkbaits to the shallower edges has been effective. 

    Boondooma Dam - Good reports these fish past few weeks with the fish starting to school up in big numbers, not the quality of fish just yet but that won't be far away. The larger points in the lake like pelican point, Leezagangs ledge, Barbers Pole and the junction are all worth checking out as well as the flats to the left after the narrows. Spoons, Tailspinners, and Blades working well at the moment.

    Copeton Dam - Week by week we are starting to get a little more interest from the Cod fisherman but things will only get better from here, as the water cools down these fish will shallower and start fishing on the bait schools, targeting the large open flats where the warmer warms first is your best bet for finding those active fish. Baits that have been popular are the ever faithful Jackall Gantarel and Gigantrel as well as the Baitsanity Explorer Gills. Good numbers of yellow belly have also been schooling up where the water has come into the lake the last few weeks, Blades and Gulp Minnow Grubs being popular.

    Jumpinpin - The Perfect timing to hit the coast especially after the recent rain, the bait is thriving the fish are moving and starting to do there yearly spawning run through out the deeper channels and points, good reports of school jew being caught around the bar as well as some big flathead in that area all along kallinga bank, Short island and crusoe island is holding good numbers of bream, flathead and tailor if your in the right spot at the right time.

    The Weather

    Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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