Fishing Report 24th May 2024

Fishing Report 24th May 2024

Photo:   David Newton with a Healthy Moogerah Bass from during the week.

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Product of The Week -  Baitsanity Explorer Gill

A must-have Swimbait for all big-bait Murray Cod enthusiasts, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait delivers an ultra-realistic baitfish profile and an unrivalled action that big fish like Murray Cod can’t resist. Moulded with an anatomically correct profile and details, the BaitSanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait features a single joint construction, which generates a wide side-to-side “S” swimming action that draws the curiosity of fish and triggers ferocious strikes. It also features silicone attachments inside the joints to reduce noise as it glides back and forth for a more natural presentation that will fool even the most discerning Murray Cod. Adding to its realism, the 3D scales feature a three-level grain design, a progression of texturing that adds more depth to make the swimbait look more lifelike.

Moving down to the back end, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait features a patent-pending bait connect system, which allows anglers to change the original tail out with different tail styles to create other actions or replace old worn-out tails to keep that bait in tip-top condition. Armed with a set of premium treble hooks ready to chase trophy-calibre fish right out of the package, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait offers a deadly baitfish imitation that will help you catch your next meter plus Murray cod.

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    Fishing Our Region

    Cooby Dam - Plenty of action at Cooby this past week, the bait fisherman have had a lot of success out on the water and from the bank. Other anglers trolling up the northern arm have also caught good numbers, jigging metal blades and soft vibes is also working well if you can find the good schools of fish.

    Cressbrook Dam - Some better fish this week with the cooler temps, the fish have started to school up in the deeper bays and points, Tailspinners and spoons getting the majority of the fish.

    Leslie - Pretty similar results to last week with still plenty of Yellow belly being caught all over the lake, with the recent rise in water level the back of the lake has fish better, still jigging blades and vibes around isolated structure off the edges of creek bed is your best chance. For the bait anglers Saltwater Yabbies proving dominant yet again. The keener fisherman getting out early and putting the time in have accounted for the odd cod, working the shallow banks opposite the wall and in front of the wash pool has been popular. Larger soft swimbaits and chatterbaits working well.

    Moogerah Dam - By far the most consistent bass fisher as of late, with good numbers schooled up and reacting well to soft plastics and spoons, the spit and the flats inside the timber has fished well. The majority of the fish have been caught round the 35-30ft mark, keeping your lures tight to the bottom has been to catching those bigger fish.

    Glenlyon Dam - With the first frost not far away these big fish wont be far, shallow water and big swimbaits, searching for those active bait schools is a must at this time of year. Still plenty of reports coming in of the Yellow Belly still on the bite considering the change in temperature the past few weeks, working the rockier edges where the water warms first and standing timber has had the best result's.

    Copeton Dam - Slowly getting better results week by week as the weather cools, plenty of smaller fish feeding up on the edges before the bigger fish start to move. this lake is at the perfect water level for those larger flats at the present time, Targeting these banks with large soft swimbaits and other Swimbaits has been best, that being said we have seen a good topwater bite and the best we have seen in some years.

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