Fishing Report 14th June 2024

Fishing Report 14th June 2024

Photo: Tim Pukaluus with an impressive Cod caught at Copeton last week

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    Fishing Our Region

    Cooby Dam - It's been another good week on Cooby for most anglers, good numbers of fish have been caught again off the banks, saltwater yabbies proving to be the best option, for other fisherman fishing out on the lake, working close in on the banks with blades and soft vibes has been popular, trolling the edges of the creek bed has been quite good again. Jackalls and the Cooby Cobba Mighty mite have been working well.

    Leslie Dam
    - Considering the Colder days the Yellow Belly hasn't slowed down too much, the bait fisherman are still catching bug numbers of fish, working the edges of the creek bed has been popular yet again, finding isolated structure has been key, Jigging blades and soft vibes in these areas have been working still.
    The Cod have started moving shallow with this change in weather and anglers are starting to see better results, the top end of the lake starting to hold the better numbers of fish. Swimbaits like the Baitsanity explorer gill and Jackall ganatrel being good options while large soft swimbaits like the Irukandji Sicario has been popular choices as well.

    Wivenhoe Dam
    - It's that time of year where the fishing really heats up at this lake and its really starting to show these past few weeks, with the both the edge fishing and deep schooled fishing starting to fire, working the deeper rock walls with Jackals and chatterbaits have worked, the flats out from Billy's Bay is holding good numbers of fish just finding them sometimes can be a little hard with this big body of water, find the bait and these fish wont be to far away. Soft Plastics, blades and spoons getting the results.

    Moogerah Dam
    - Still one of the most consistent local lakes around at the moment, the mornings have been quite tough but the arvo bite has been nothing short of impressive with these fish schooling up once the water warms. The spit is holding good numbers as well as the flats inside the timber and just before the6 knot zone, Plastics like the ever faithful slider grub has been the pick of the lures.

    Boondooma Dam
    - A few comps have been held at Boondooma as of late, some good fish have been caught and its only getting better as we get further into winter, Barbers Pole, The Junction and Pelican point are good places to start searching. These fish have reacted well to both blades and 20 gram spoons, keeping these lures tight to the bottom has been Key on getting those larger fish to eat.

    Copeton Dam
    - If there ever was a time to head south and try your luck now is that time, these cold frosty morning is exactly what these fish love, up shallow searching for the plagues of bait fish that cruise the lakes edges, imitating the bait is key. larger swimbaits and big paddle tail plastics have been popular like the Irukandji Siucario in both 9 and 11 inch baits.

    The Weather

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