Fishing Report 14th October 2022

Fishing Report 14th October 2022

Photo: Joel Pukallus with a Lake Awoonga 113cm Giant! 

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Product Of The Week - Shad’s Hollow Shad 

The Shads Hollow shads are an ideal Barra plastic Can be fished weedless or rigged with main hook and stinger. With the hollow belly they can also be rigged with internal slick jig stinger rig. The Hollow Shad is fastly becoming one the most Popular Barra Baits.


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Fishing Our Region

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Cooby Dam - Cooby has been fishing very consistently over the last few weeks and it continues. The trolling anglers have caught there fair share of fish working the shallow edges with Jackall TN60 and the Popular Cooby Cobba Mighty Mite.
There’s plenty of active yellow belly amongst the deeper water towards the rock wall, ZX Blades and soft vibes being the best option. A few anglers have also had good results vertical fishing Gulp Minnow Grubs. 

- Starting to see some much better results as head into to summer, the fish are starting to move into the main basin. Targeting the larger points has been holding the better numbers of fish. Metal blades like the ever faithful Evergreen little max blade has been popular. Good numbers of Yellow belly have also been caught on a wide variety of lures and baits.

Leslie Dam
- The last few weeks we have seen some very good signs of what Leslie has to offer this coming summer, great numbers of Yellow Belly have been caught not far from Dan wall. Working the 15-20 ft of water has been popular, Vertical fishing ZX Blades and soft vibes have been working wonders, as for the bait anglers saltwater yabbies have been proving dynamite. Plenty of Big cod have been on the move. The upper reaches of sandy creek has been popular, sinking Swimbaits and larger Spinnerbaits have been the standout.

Somerset - It’s getting better week by week as we start seeing some consistent weather patterns. The edge fishing is slowly fading as the water warms but still worth fishing early morning. Crankbaits like The Hide up 150 and the Rapala DT8 have been the standout. For the schooled fish good numbers have started showing up on the southern side of pelican point. Spoons, blades and Hot Bite Spectres getting the results.

Lake Awoonga - 
This week we have seen Awoonga really kick into gear. Some big numbers of fish have been starting to roll in on the larger Main Basin points on dark. Working large wind blown points is your best bet of coming across the active fish. With these south easterly winds the western points outside of New Zealand gully have been popular. A wide variety of baits have all had great success, including the Zerek Live Mullet, Squidgie Slick Rig 130 and the Molix 120 & 140

- The lake of a thousand casts and it can be just that if everything is not going your way, with some very inconsistent winds the day time bite has been tough. Finding the warmer shallow bays has been key. The Shad’s Hollow Shad has been racking up the numbers, matching these baits up with the Barambah Barra Jighead is the perfect set up, running no heavier than 3/8oz to keep the lure out of the weed. The Molix 140 have accountant for some solid fish targeting the larger points during the night! Remember, follow the wind and the fish won’t be far away. 

The Weather

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