Fishing Report 21st October 2022

Fishing Report 21st October 2022

Photo: Jye Gilmore with a Awoonga Barra

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Product Of The Week - Shad’s Hollow Shad

The Shads Hollow shads are an ideal Barra plastic Can be fished weedless or rigged with main hook and stinger. With the hollow belly they can also be rigged with internal slick jig stinger rig. The Hollow Shad is fastly becoming one the most Popular Barra Baits.


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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Cooby has fished well again this week, with the ongoing rain the fish have pushed up shallow and feeding around the submerged grass, Lipless crankbaits like the ever faithful Jackall Tn60 are working well. Also Jigging and casting Zx blades has had consistent Bites.

Cressbrook - Unfortunately Cressbrook closed to all water based activities until further Notice.

Leslie - Another fantastic week with big numbers of fish caught, Leslie has received a good run in and made the Yellow Belly very active, working the edges of the creek bed has been successful. Zx Blades and soft vibes getting the better results.

Somerset Dam - The edge fishing has kicked on with the recent rain. Casting Lipless Crankbaits and shallow diving Hardbodies has been successful, targeting the submerged grass is your best chance. Good numbers of fish are starting to school up on both sides of Pelican Point and the spit, Metal Blades and Hote Bite Spectres has been successful.

Monduran - Monduran is has been reasonably tough with the inconsistent weather making the fish hard to Locate. Searching for warmer is key when the times are tough. Even 1 degree of warmer water can be the difference in a good session and a bad one. With recent rain this may push some fish further down the main basin. At the present time the southern end of Bird Bay and South B arm has been Holding big numbers of fish, The Hollow Shads 5 and 6 inch has had very good results.

Awoonga - Luckily for Awoonga so far it has missed the majority of the rain meaning the weather has stayed a little more consistent. Targeting main Lake Points on the western side of the Basin has been popular. The Molix 120, 140 and the Zerek Live Mullet has put plenty of fish in the boat.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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