Fishing Report 8th March 2024

Fishing Report 8th March 2024

Photo: Riley Hanneman with a quality Cooby Yellow Belly 

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Product of The Week - Steez Current Master EX-DR


The new Current Master 93-EXDR is the extra deep running version of Daiwa’s popular mid-size jerkbait. Quickly becoming a go-to lure for northern anglers looking for a smaller profile barramundi or mangrove jack lure, the new EXDR model reaches depths of 11ft and enables anglers to take advantage of new technology like forward-facing sonar to target suspending fish in the open areas of our lakes & rivers. This new technique requires lures that dive deeper than traditional methods, and this is where the EXDR model comes in.

Not just a one-trick pony though, this deeper diving model is equally at home where you require a lure to dive steeply down into the strikezone. When fishing undercut banks or snags on a steep edge, you need a lure which can get down into the zone quickly and stay there, suspending perfectly in the face of whichever target species you’re chasing. Fitted with BKK Viper-41 treble hooks and HD rings straight from the pack, the Current Master is ready to tackle tough predators as soon as you tie it on. Featuring Daiwa’s Maglock weight-transfer system these lures fly long and true, making casting down tight tree lines a breeze. If you’re looking for your go-to new deep barra lure, look no further than the new Current Master 93-EXDR.

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Fishing Our Region

CoobyCooby has fished quite well this week considering the poor weather, after the recent rain plenty of quality yellow belly have been caught up the northern arm just off the edges of the old creek bed, also good numbers of fish have been holding out from the bouy line and the hump. ZX Blades, soft vibes and spectres have all got their fair share of fish. For the bait anglers Saltwater yabbies and live worms being effective.

Leslie - Another successful week on Leslie, the rain has really stirred these fish up and feeding well. The 6 knot zone seems to be very popular with the anglers chasing big cod, these fish are starting to move up onto the shallow flats and actively feeding on the schools of boney bream. For the Yellow belly anglers lots of fish holding around the deeper water out from the dam wall and also at the mouth of sandy creek, Blades like the ZX and TT switch prawns have proved dominant yet again as well as soft vibes and other lipless crankbaits. Trolling has also worked well working the deeper parts of the creek beds, trolling lures like the Little rippers and the Baramabh B60 has proved successful.

Coolmunda - Coolmunda remains to be fishijng well again, the Cod have been in good numbers, working the timbered areas with larger Bassman Spinnerbiats and chatterbaits have been working well. Good numbers of Yellas have been caught as well working these same areas, throwing lipless crankbaits or soft vibes have both been effective. Blades jigged vertically tight to the trees is another good option. Other anglers who have trolled the main creek bed out from the Dam wall have also had plenty of attention as well, keeping your lures tight to the bottom is key.

Boondooma - A recent comp was help at Boondoma  few weeks back the reports were not the best after alot of boat pressure but it has picked up within the last week. Good fish have been caught up both arms of the lake the stuart and Boyne arm, Lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits fished tight to the trees, as well as smaller jerkbaits like the Jackall squirrel 67 worked along the grass banks within these arms. In the main basin there has been good schools of fish showing up on the larger points, spectres, spoons and soft plastics working well.

Somerset - Another reasonable week on our big fish lake, plenty of quality fish around. Pelican point is holding the majority of the fish, the southern side around the 20-30 foot mark has been the mark. Deep crankbaits, spectres and plastics have been the go to baits.

Monduran - Great to see Mondy fishing well again, the last few weeks have been quite consistent. The edge and topwater bit has been on after the recent rain and a little temp drop, moving these fish shallower than before. Topwater walk the dog lures and frogs getting alot of attention. The afternoon/ night bite has still been good as well, finding active fish on larger points and targeting them with Molix 140’s and Zerek like mullets has been rewarded in quality fish. 

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