Fishing Report 4th November 2022

Fishing Report 4th November 2022

Photo: Heath Kimber with a Nice pair of Boondooma Bass

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Product Of The Week - Jackall Swing Mikey 115

The new and very versatile Swing Mikey has hit our shores!! By widening the range of motion in the joints – It supports a wide range of action speeds. From dead slow – to a fast burn, walk the dog and can even be jerked.

We have thought of everything with this one – slimming it down to really match the bait.

Horizontal flat tail
Flat tail to prevent sideways fall. The shape that spreads thinly in the horizontal direction suppresses the roll action that is often found in big baits, and creates an action that emphasizes WOBBLING .

Joints with wide range of motion.
A joint part that is wide open in a C shape. This allows twisting when winding dead-slow, and swinging action in walk the dog

Perfect size and weight for your medium rods. Total length of 115 mm and a weight of 28.5 g is a perfect match for medium to medium heavy power rods. The high versatility that doesn’t require dedicated tackle.

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Fishing Our Region

We now have a page for Dam Levels. Check It Out!

Cooby Dam - Another quite good week on our local dam even with the terrible weather. The fish have moved deeper after the recent rain and hotter temps. The majority of anglers have had better success Jigging zx Blades, and soft vibes amongst the deeper water towards the rock wall and bouy line is holding good numbers of fish.

Cressbrook - Unfortunately Cressbrook has been closed the last week but has recently re opened. The last few days there has been a few reports of yellow belly being caught around the deeper edges, Casting ZX Blades against rock walls has been successful. The bass are starting to school up in both Arms aswell as the main basin, the larger lake points are holding the better numbers of fish, metal blades like the ever faithful Little max Blade has been effective while 20 and 30g spoons has also started to get the larger fish interested.

Somerset - Very lucky this past week with the last inflow of rain hasn’t effected the bite. Good numbers of fish are holding on both the Northern and southern ende of pelican point, these fish are holding very tight to the bottom, deep diving cranks like the IK800 and Rapala DT20 has been dynamite while Spoon’s and heavily weighted plastics have all had very good results.

Leslie - The great fishing continues this past week with a lot of anglers Realy getting into the fish. Yellow Belly have been in good numbers towards the dam wall and at the mouth of sandy creek, the 20ft mark is the magic depth, Zx blades and Zerek fish traps have accounted for some very good sessions.
For the bait anglers saltwater Yabbies and live worms being the best choice.

Boondooma - Starting to see some good consistency, the edge fishing has been popular, working metal blades off the edge has been workingwell.
Leezagangs ledge and both the Stuart and Boyne arms are good options.

Monduran - With a big rise in water temp has moved Some of these larger fish into deep water and into the main basin. The shallow day Bite has slowed down from previous weeks with this change in weather. Working the larger points into the afternoon and nights has been very successful and is your best chance as the temperature cools down during these times. The Molix 120 and 140 has again been must have lure, with that being said with alot of fishing pressure suspending jerkbaits have had plenty of attention, big long pauses and keeping the bait in the strike zone for longer is key! 

The Weather

4th Nov 2022 Weather Report
Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
Due to the changing weather conditions, please check for more up to date information.

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