Fishing Report 16th December 2021

Fishing Report 16th December 2021

Photo: Sam Benbow with a Meter Murray Cod from Leslie

Lure Of The Week  - Jackall Gantarel


Finally at long last the most consistent Cod catching swimbait is back in stock and with some new colours, 160mm of pure Awesomeness! It is moulded with extended pectoral fins which allows the lure to dive down to 3 feet with a smooth S shaped action. A sharp jerk on slack line will turn this bait 180 Degrees to mimic wounded bait fish. This bait has accounted for a ridiculous amounts of Both Murray Cod and Barramundi in the lakes and rivers.on. Find them here: Jackall Gantarel


Fishing Our Region

Dam Levels 
Cooby - 36.5%
Cressbrook - 42.8%
Leslie - 100.11%
Dyer - 61.2%
Coolmunda - 100.05%
Glenlyon - 102.71%
Pindari - 100.6
Copeton - 99.2%
Bjelkie Peterson - 99.68%
Boondooma - 102.94%
Monduran - 46.06%
Awoonga - 59%

Cooby Dam - Unfortunately Cooby is still CLOSED to all water based activities with on going Blue green Algae problems. 

Cressbrook Dam - Cressbrook remains CLOSED this week to all water activities, Camp ground and picnic area are accessible.

Leslie Dam - Over the weekend we seen some amazing fish caught and some big ones at that, the cod have been on the move in good numbers, they have been moving shallow looking for clear water and the bait. Casting shallow swimbaits like the Jackall Gantarel has accounted for some great catches, The top water bite has been explosive after the recent rain. The yellow belly have also been on the chew with some anglers catching there bag limit quite easy, Jackall Tn60's have been the lure of choice, casting the shallow flooded banks has had the best reults. Saltwater yabbies and Prawns being the go to for the bait anglers.

Lake Dyer - With the lake opening over the week we have already seen some great results considering the dirty water. reaction style lures were getting the majority of the bites, Tn60's Spinnerbiats were both effective also jigging zx blades amongst the deeper water accounted for both Bass and yellow Belly.

Bjelkie Peterson Dam - It's great to see the Dam full and reports starting to flow in. Both Bass and Yellow have been on the move in the shallower water looking for the cleaner water. Casting metal blades and Lipless Crankbaits was getting the best results. The upper end of the Dam has seen the most action. The Timbered area has also seen some good results for Bait fisherman, saltwater yabbies and live worms working well

Somerset Dam - Our big bass fishery has backed it up again from last week with some very solid fish caught, the water increase has really got these fish active. The Hot Bite Spectre has been by far the most successful lure. Pelican Point is holding the majority of the fish and closer to red rock off the edge of the creek bed is also worth a check. Keeping your baits tight to the bottom is a must. Trolling deep diving hardbodies has also been a popular technique.

Lake Monduran - Over the last couple of week the lake has had quite rise in water level which is great for the long term, unfortunately the fish havnt realy handled the rise and have been a little harder to tempt. In saying that the fish are still in the same places and can switch on very quickly. The main basin is holding good numbers of fish out from the Dam wall, also targeting the very back of bays where the water is running in can be very successful. The molix 140 and Zerek Flat Shad X has been popular.

Lake Awoonga - Awoonga received a huge amount of rain and the dam has risen nearly 3 meters over the past month, with this being said the fishing hasn't been easy as the dirty water makes its way into the lake. If you can find where the water is running that will be your best bet. Once the water begins to clean we will see some amazing fishing. Soon as the fish become confident in their new surroundings, fishing those deep weeded points in the basin will produce some giant fish. Again the molix 140 and zerek live mullet being the standout lures. The top water bite has come into play as water covers those sunken weed beds, with this technique the Zoom Horny Toad and Molix Supernato frog has gotten a lot of interest.

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Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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