Fishing Report 20th August 2020

Fishing Report 20th August 2020

Photo: Connie Gelhaar with a beautiful Murray Cod from Cooby Dam

Lure Of The Week: Hot Bite Raptor

Hot Bite Raptor the long wait is over for one of the best bass lures around just released this week the Slow Fall Raptor is perfect for the upcoming conditions with the bass lakes and is a very versatile lure that can be used just about anywhere. FIND THEM HERE 


Tip Of The Week

When trolling or looking around for fish take note on your fish finder of the depth you are seeing bait or fish or sometimes just a line which is the thermocline, this will give you great insight as to where the fish are sitting. Gather knowledge from your fish finder to help you hone in on catching the fish.

Cooby Dam
Even though Cooby has just opened it hasn’t had a lot of fishing because of the winds. Cooby being Electric motor only makes it important that its not to windy along with the surface weed that gets blown round the lake can make it hard to troll lures also. With that said there have been some nice catches this week with plenty of smaller Cod being caught along with the yellow belly. Jigging Eco gear blades has produces the cod and yellow belly along with salt water yabbies. Some warmer weather and less wind will find Cooby the place to be. Remember its "Electric Motors" only.

Cressbrook Dam
Cressbrook its really firing up as expected the bass love to start moving around mid august and bass fishing is at its best over spring. we have seen big schools of solid bass caught over the past week. Schooling bass out in the deep water and edges of main creek bed have been on the bite throughout the day. Large schools of bass have been suspended through the water column in as deep as 80ft of water. Locating the schools of bass on your sounder is key, otherwise using trolling lures as a search bait can help to locate the fish. the stand out lures have been chrome spoons like the Slow Blatts and Hot Bites in 20 & 30gram models.

Somerset Dam
Very hit and miss at Somerset with some anglers hooking into some giant bass and having a good session and others coming up with donuts. Im seeing a trend that there is a particular bite window for these fish. Locating the schools is the first job and then sitting on them until they bite. Ive heard the bite window is about an hour long and then the rest of the day is very slow. Most fish are biting around mid morning. Again Spoons and jigs have worked best in the deeper water around 30-50ft suspended throughout.

Monduran Dam
The Barra fishing hasn’t really stopped this year and still there is some good Barra being caught up at mondy. We are just shy of what is usually the best fishing fro Barra through spring and summer but its showing great signs for a big season. Most anglers are using the Jackall Squirrel 79 Hank tunes and other suspending hardbodies like them. Cast in around the standing timbers using a wind our jerking action to get them down a few feet then pausing the lure with small twitches is the best way to use these types of lures. Definitely

Leslie Dam
Again very quite fishing out at Leslie this week. A few good yellow belly coming on the salt water yabbies and some on ecogear zx blades. Should see some better fishing as the weather and water heats up.

Gold Coast
Some really good Bream fishing of late. lightly weighted soft plastics and sugapen topwater have worked really well around sovereign island. While heavier baits have been successful around the seaway. The plus side of bream fishing is the bi-catch you can get with some nice Jew and Flathead around as well.

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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