Fishing Report 22nd September 2023

Fishing Report 22nd September 2023

Photo: Raylene jones with a 95cm Cod From Leslie.

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Product of The Week - Rapala Crush City Creeper


The Rapala Crush City Creeper is not your ordinary grub soft plastic! This lure features underbelly appendages that fizz and vibrate when worked, creating plenty of underwater action throughout the water column. This leg action, combined with a delicate curl tail is irresistible on all light tackle species, including bream, bass, trout and so many more. Rapala have even infused each lure with a shrimp scent to give you that extra edge on the water. So there’s only one thing left to do– get the net ready– because fishing the Crush City Creeper will have you hooking up left, right and centre!

A 2.5 inch grub with a difference!
Appendages added for increased underwater action
Infused with shrimp scent to provoke more bites
Made with strong and durable TPE material
8 lures per pack

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby - Our local lake is getting by the day as the weather is warming up and so are the fish, the deeper water out in front of the boat ramp has been popular as well as the sail club and up in the northern arm. Metal Blades like the Profishent Vixen blade and soft vibes have been working well around the edges of the creek bed and submerged structure. As for bait anglers saltwater yabbies have proven them selves yet again.

Coolmunda - Its great to see this lake coming back to its former glory, a lot of anglers getting amongst the fish, a lot of areas have been holding fish the shallower water amongst the trees have been successful and out in front of the wall on the edges of the creek bed has been also been popular, blades and smaller soft vibes have proved dominant yet again. Anglers also fishing of the bank around the camp ground have also picked up some good fish including good Yellas and larger Jew fish.

Somerset - Its getting better week by week but the fish are starting school up in numbers, Pelican Point, red rock and Bay of Plenty are all worth a look, spoons and plastics have been the lures of choice, as the weather has been heating up the trolling anglers have had good results also, keeping your lure tight to the bottom has been key.

Leslie - Some great consistent fishing this week out of Leslie with the Hotter weather, the fish have been holding quite deep on the edges of the creek bed, again Blades and soft vibes have been getting the better quality. The edges of the lake around the spindly trees are also holding good numbers of smaller fish.

Monduran - Lake Monduran would be one of the most popular places to fish at the moment and for good reason. there is loads of Barra moving around and with the water temp getting up to prime 24 degrees its really worth the trip. Finding the warmer water is key so following the wind direction in to the bays where the water temp can increase by up to 3 degrees from the main basin is where the fish are loading up. once you locate some fish tieing up to a tree or anchoring your boat and fishing super slow up to the shallow parts of the bay or point is key. lightly weighted plastics or suspending hard bodies are best as you can work them back super slow which is key to get the bites.

- The last Few weeks with some consistent weather and wind has really fired up these fish, The night bite has proved to be best and these fish are coming out of the weed searching for bait, finding that warmer water where the wind is blowing is key on finding the better numbers.


The Weather

Weather Report 22nd September 2023
Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
Due to the changing weather conditions, please check for more up to date information.

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