Fishing Report 15th September 2023

Fishing Report 15th September 2023

Photo: Dean Robertson with a Quality Bass from Wivenhoe over the weekend.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby - Better conditions this past week, consistent weather is key for this lake to produce the better numbers of fish and we have seen that this past week, same areas as previous weeks like in front of the ramp and the northern arm being the best spots, the better fish have come on blades and soft vibes these fish are holding tight to the bottom so keeping your lure or bait on the bottom is key. The bait fisherman getting good results with shrimp, saltwater yabbies and worms.

Cressbrook - Spring is finally here and we are starting to see some better signs the past few weeks, good schools of fish are showing up to the right of boat ramp as well as over towards deer island, these fish are holding in around 35 foot, spoons have been by far the best choice for the Bass as for the yellow belly they are still holding on the larger points and reacting well to blades and working Gulp Minnow grubs vertically.

Somerset - Every week the big fish factory is really starting to get better and better, the quality of fish is there if you're willing to put the time in to tempting them, as the water begins to warm these fish are starting to head down the lake and school in much better numbers. Pelican Point and Red Rock hold some good fish, Further down the lake around Bay of Plenty and the Spit has had plenty of interest also, Spoons and Plastics being the Lures of choice.

Leslie - Leslie is still the best local lake in regards to big numbers of fish if you can find a patch of fish that's actively feeding. The fish have been biting well throughout the day but as this weather heats up we will start seeing the afternoon become the pick of the times. The deeper water has definitely had the better results, jigging the edges of the creek bed with isolated structure with both blades and vibes has been successful yet again. The Keen Cod fisherman putting in the hours have been rewarded with some very good fishing, the shallow Bay around the dam wall area has produced some great quality fish, during the low light periods fishing larger topwater baits and Swimbaits has been effective. As the day gets on the fish have been holding tight to the bottom and reacting well to Soft vibes and Chatter baits worked close into the structure.

Coolmunda - The warmer temps have really made the difference at Coolmunda, fish are holding tight in the trees around that 15 foot mark, Blades and soft vibes are the best option. Out in front of the dam wall has also produced some good fish, the bait anglers picking up some good numbers on Saltwater Yabbies and Live worms.

- Mondy is really starting to fire if your trip lines up with some consistent weather, the northerly winds last week really got these fish in a feeding frenzy, targeting the backs of Bays where the warmer water is was key to finding those active fish, The Molix 120 produced consistent results as well as the old faithful Squidgy slick rig and other smaller profile plastics.  

The Weather

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