Fishing Report 8th September 2023

Fishing Report 8th September 2023

Photo: Bailey Ruhle with a nice Cressbrook Bass

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Product of The Week - Zerek Fish Trap



Even when the lure is sitting on the bottom, the slightest current will have the tail pulsating and wriggling attracting the fish's attention,, while on the lift and drop, the tail simulates a baitfish's tail perfectly as it swims through the water.Built from the tough and durable TPE plastic, the Fish Trap has been designed to take on the toughest of fish with the use of extra strong split rings combining with the addition of ultratough 4x trebles. A through wire connecting all tow points that is moulded into the lead weight gives extra security in this vulnerable area. There is no doubt this lure is tough.Working with a strong vibration, the Fish Trap can be cast and retrieved in any depth or trolled for a unique presentation that shallow rock bar and weed bed fish just love!There are over 30 colours in the range that cover dirty water and clear water options, saltwater and freshwater options. There are also UV accents and highlights that take advantage of this latest phenomenon in lure colour schemes. The colour range covers everything from natural baitfish patterns through to attractor colours and there are some ultra-realistic colours that have been designed by Wilson Fishing's staff to meet Australian demands.

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Fishing Our Region

CoobyThis week Cooby has been producing some nice fish. Targeting the structure on the bottom up the northern arm has been popular using Profishent Vixen blades and Zerek Fish traps. Trolling along the rockwall and weedbeds has seen a few fish caught using Cooby Cobba Deep Mighty Mite and Stumpjumpers. As for the bait Fishos Saltwater Yabbie and Live Shrimp has been the go to.

Cressbrook - Cressbrook has been fishing quite well the past few weeks. Targeting the deeper water around the points have been key. 3" Plastics such as sliders and Xzone Stealth invaders, Spoons and blades have been key to getting the bites. Trolling around the Cressbrook Creek Arm has been producing great numbers using RMG poltergeists and AC invaders. Saltwater Yabbie and Live worm has been popular choices for bait.

Somerset - Some good reports this week with plenty of fish being caught. Fishing the edges early morning has been producing some nice fish, using 1/4 oz little maxs and Hideup 300s. Searching the deeper water around Pelican point has been paying off with some solid fish being caught using HotBite Raptors and Soft plastics such as Sliders and Rapala The Suspect.

Leslie - Leslie is still fishing great with plenty of fish being caught. Finding Structure on the bottom of Sandy Creek has been producing Majority of the fish, Using Profishnent Vixen Blades and Samaki Vibelicious has been the best choice. Trolling the edges using Halco TB55s and Predatek Boomerang 65s has been having good results. Saltwater Yabbie and Live Worms have been the best bait.

Monduran - Mondy has been fishing quite well the past few weeks. Targeting the windblown bays has been the key to success, Using 6" and 7" hollow shads rigged weedless, Samaki Redics, Molix 140s and Molix 120s for the shallower bays have been popular choices. Trolling the northern B arm and the main basin using Barra Classics and Squirrel 115s has been working great.  

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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BIG CATCH Jackpot Promotion

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