Fishing Report 24th December 2020

Fishing Report 24th December 2020

Photo: Brock Pohlner putting the new Jackall Super Squirrel 115 to work at Lake Awoonga

Cooby Dam
With a bit of rain falling in the Cooby catchment over the past week, a bit of run in has started to fire up the Yellow Belly. For the lure angler, jigging or casting zx blades and tn60s at weed edges has proven to be the most productive methods. Later in the afternoon, close to the buoy line might be worth a try, once again jigging zx blades or tn60s. A few cod have also been caught as by catch. For the bait anglers saltwater yabbies and worms have been the go-to baits.

Cressbrook Dam
Cressbrook has continued to fish well in the early mornings, right out the front of the ramp the bass have been schooled up of a morning and the fish have been biting well. The go to lures have once again been Hot Bite Raptor Slow Fall Jigs and Gangbanger Spoons, as well as sliders rigged on either heavily weighted jig heads or jig spins. A few Yellow belly have also been caught at the dam which is usually known for its bass fishing, most of them being landed on tn60s. For the bait anglers salt water yabbies are getting the most consistent bites . Getting out there early is the trick, as after mid-morning they seem to go off the bite and spread out throughout the Basin

Somerset Dam
Fishing at Somerset has been on and off over the past week, some days the bass being tight lipped, some days they have been biting well. The fish have been schooled well at bay 13, Queen Street and Red Rock finding them hasn't been an issue, it's been getting them to bite that's the difficult part. The lures that have been getting the trick done include, spoons, heavily weighted plastics and chatterbaits like the hotbite spectre jig. Also trolling lures from the Smak hardbody range or little rippers have been producing some fish. A few Yellow Belly have also been landed in the trees on vibes, blades and plastics. For the bait anglers saltwater yabbies near timber are producing a few Yellas and smaller Bass.

This lake has fished well and is still continuing to impress, the fish are very spread out throughout the lake and there's been a great edge bite to add with the amazing fishing this dam has to offer, fishing the deeper rock walls with Jackall tn60s, Spinnerbaits and Skirted jigs is an awesome way to catch fish, the larger fish have all been caught with these baits. The deeper Flats on the junction and Pelican point is always worth a look, Blades, plastics and Spoons have been getting a lot of the fish.

Callide has been fishing very well over the last month and continues to do so, with the majority of the fish being landed in the main basin. These fish have been biting during the late afternoon all night through until early morning. The Larger fish that have been caught have reacted well to heavily weighted plastics or Swimbaits, Molix 140's, Castaic 7 inch Jerky Shads have produced good numbers. 
Targeting these deep suspended fish can be difficult at times, trolling has been effective for covering ground and working all depths of the water column
With little to no consistency in weather patterns it has made the bite quite tough over the last week, Finding points and bays that isn't heavily fished has been key, the southern end of the dam, bird bay and out from the dam wall is holding good numbers of fish, trolling the bouy line has been the best method for these deeper fish. 

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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