Fishing Report 24th Nov 2023

Fishing Report 24th Nov 2023

Photo: Hayden Woods with a nice 109cm Barramundi from Lake Monduran

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Product of The Week - Bait Junkie  Minnow 6.2'

The up size version from the 4.2” minnow, the 6.2” Minnow is perfect large swimbait to tempt big predators to strike.The versatile swimming action which is so evident in the 4.2” version is only increased in the 6.2” model. The longer body and extra girth create the ideal profile and when paired with the rolling/thumping swimming action it is the perfect imitation for large baitfish.The big boot tail will work at very slow speeds enabling the angler to “slow roll” for barramundi, mulloway and makes an excellent trailer when targeting big murray cod. Rigged on a standard jighead or weighted weedless the 6.2” minnow will swim on the drop and has been accounting for an incredible amount of fish as it swims down on a pause.The incorporated belly slit makes weedless rigging easy and the extra meat behind the “slim waist” is the perfect spot to pin a stinger hook to maximize your catch.The Bait Junkie 6.2” Minnow comes with 3 pieces per pack.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - With rain the past week the water has cooled down a bit. The best way to catch the yellowbelly is Jigging TT Switchprawns and profishent soft vibes. Saltwater yabbies and live shrimp are the go to bait at the moment.

Cressbrook Dam -
Cressbrook has been fishing good with a mixture of bass and yellowbelly being caught along the edges. Using Tn60s and Hideup 1.5m cranks have been popular choices. Trolling 8m rmg poltergeists and little rippers 18+ have been popular options. Saltwater yabbies and live worms are popular for bait.

Leslie Dam - 
Leslie has still been fishing good. Plenty of fish being caught around the edges of the creekbed. Using profishent vixen blades and the 78mm zerek fish traps. For the boys chasing cod sandy creek has seen a few nice ones being caught. Using gantarels and codman spinner baits. Saltwater yabbies being the standout bait.

Somerset Dam -
Even with the weather the past week somerset has still been fishing reasonably good. Lots of fish being caught around pelican point , bay 13 and kirkleigh flats. Using Hotbite Spectres, Sliders and Rapala DT20s. Trolling Rmg poltergeist 8m and hideup 4m have been popular options.

Monduran -
Mondy has still been firing the past week with alot of fish moving into the basin. Fishing the deep points as well as STA and Bird Bay using Molix 140s and 120s, RT shad 7" and slick rigs have been popular. Trolling along the buoy line using barra classics and 115 Squirrels have been popular.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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