Fishing Report 30th September 2022

Fishing Report 30th September 2022

Photo: Lock Usher with a 105cm Barra From Lake Monduran caught on a Molix 140!

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Product Of The Week - Berkley Shimma Pro-Rig

The Berkley Shimma Pro-Rig is built for big fish that pull hard. Fitted with a removable weighted hook and a single Owner STX Taff Wire Treble and a Hyperwire split ring, this bait is an out-of-the-packet solution for prized fish like mulloway, barramundi and Murray cod. With a thick body profile and a tapered off paddle tail, the Shimma Pro-Rig has a strong body roll and a wide tail action, perfect for slow rolling across weed beds, rock bars, and drop offs for those ambush predators. Built from durable Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE), the body is super tough and withstands plenty of punishment from predators with serious jaw strength, and raspy or toothy mouths! The Shimma Pro-Rig is available in ten colours and three sizes to suit a wide range of species in both fresh and saltwater environments. Every angler hunting serious fish needs a Shimma Pro-Rig in the tackle box.


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Fishing Our Region

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Leslie Dam - Great to see Leslie starting to fire with plenty of Yellow Belly on the move and some huge cod caught over the past few weeks, the top end of the lake has produced some giant fish. Larger swimbaits and spinnerbaits working the submerged trees and rocks up sandy creek end. Plenty of Yellow Belly have been found not far from the dam wall inside the 6 knot speed limit area. Again ZX40's have proved dynamite as well as soft vibes like the 78mm Zerek fish trap and Jackall Mask vibe. Saltwater ybabies and live worms being the best option for the bait anglers.

Cooby Dam - Cooby has been pretty consistent over the past few weeks and it Continues as we see plenty of fish caught all over the lake, the best method has been trolling or casting Jackall TN60's just off the edges, the bait fisherman have had quite a bit of success, saltwater yabbies again proving to be the best option. The ever faithful Zx40 and 43 has again been the standout, fishing vertical hard on the bottom. The late afternoon bite has been the best time as the water temp heats up.

Cressbrook Dam - Slowly starting to see some better fishing at our other local lake, the bass are starting to school up in better numbers off points in the main basin and Bull creek arm, Metal blades like the Little max have been getting the majority of the bites. With the weather heating up good numbers of Red Claw have also been on the move. Remember 4 pots per person.

Somerset Dam - We are in for a fantastic spring/summer with the fish really starting to move deeper and school up, Both sides of pelican point is holding good numbers of fish as well as the spit. The fish are sitting close to the edge of the creek beds in these areas and are reacting well to metal blades, spinnerbaits and Plastics. Keeping your lure tight to the bottom is key. The edge fishing is still continuing, small crankbaits like the Hideup 150 and the all new Rapala Dt08 will be sure to put fish in the boat, targeting the rockier banks with these baits has been successful.

Lake Monduran - It's been a great start to the Barra season with plenty of fish on the move, finding these fish can be the tricky part, Locating the warmest water you can find is a must as we are seeing some colder weather and rain on the lake. Backs of bays and long shallow points i the perfect start, the south end of B and Bird bay has been popular for anglers, a great variety of lures have been getting the bites, from lightly weighted plastics like the Shads Hollow Shad 6', Zerek live Mullet, Molix 120 and 140. Locating submerged weed or spindly trees and working suspending Hardbodies has also been successful.

Lake Awoonga - With the weather heating up we are seeing the Night bite really coming into play as these fish move from the very thick weed and rounding up the bait, The ever faithful Molix 140 and Squidgy slick rig is proving dominant yet again. The day time has been a struggle due to the water being super clear, working the shallows with plastics rigged weedless in the shallow bays will be your best option.

The Weather

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BIG CATCH Jackpot Promotion

Are you our lucky winner? Each week one luck customer will be drawn at random to win the Jackpot which starts at $25.

Week 9 winner Raylene Jones took out the Jackpot at $225. Congratulations Raylene Jones!

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