Fishing Report 23rd September 2022

Fishing Report 23rd September 2022

Photo: Matt Huntley with a great Monduran Barra

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Fishing Our Region

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Leslie Dam - Spring Time has really arrived this week with some warmer days the fish have really started to move around and we have seen lots of big cod hitting the decks. Fishing Spinnerbaits through the day has seen some good results of big cod and plenty of smaller Yellowbelly. Early and late in the day the swimbaits have been doing the damage on the big cod. Most fish seem to still be up on the edges or tight to structures so cast and retrieve has been the best bet. For the bait fisherman saltwater yabbies have been working well around the dam wall end finding structure on the bottom is key.

Cooby Dam - Cooby has also seen the benefits of the warmer weather with some good Yellowbelly moving around. Trolling or casting Jackall TN 60's has been the best bet while trolling hardbodies like Cooby Cobbers has also seen some good catches. Good sized Yellowbelly have been caught all over the lake and again tight to structures or weeds with some good fish in around the twindle trees. Saltwater yabbies have been the bait of choice.

Cressbrook Dam - The bass have started to move out into the deeper water with the edge bite slowing down the fish are starting to school out from the points where casting Spoons and Blades has seen some good fish as well as trolling deep diving lures like the new Hide Up's. Bait fishing has worked well if you can locate some fish first, live shrimp and worms have been best.

Somerset Dam - Similar story at Somerset with the fish moving away from the edge and starting to school up in the usual haunts. Pelican point has been producing some good fish on spinnerbaits and chatterbaits a bit wider in around 15-20ft. While there is still a few good bass coming off the edges I would think more and more will push deeper with the warmer weather.

Awonga Dam - The Barra season is really starting to kick into gear and some good fishing coming from all the lakes. Awonga has a really good dusk bite and into the night bite period as the water is super clear which makes the day time fishing hard but they are all ready to bite when the sun goes down. Fishing out from points in the main basin with heavy soft plastics like Molix Shad and Slick Rigs has worked best. Slow winding the bottom to imitate red claw is the way to catch them the new red claw colour in Molix Shad 140 will be the go to lure.

Gold Coast - With the Flathead classic just around the corner they have become a real target at the moment and there has been some good ones floating around. Most anglers fishing 4-5 inch paddle tail soft plastics around the drop offs on the run out tide. Areas around wave break and other sand banks up towards the pin has produced. Plenty of other by catch to be had as well.

The Weather

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