Fishing Report 16th September 2022

Fishing Report 16th September 2022

Photo: Lionel Woods with a cracking lake Somerset Bass.

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Product Of The Week - HIDEUP 150

Another great Lure added to our ever growing lure wall the HIDEUP 150 is perfect for a great range of applications. Designed by deep crank specialist Mr. Hideo Yoshida The Hideup HU-150 crankbait is developed with high cast-ability and buoyancy at the forefront.
At the present time this bait is reaping the rewards of the edge bite at lake Somerset. This bait dives to 1.5m which is ideal for this situation while the fish are active amongst the shallow water. Weighing in at 9.5 and casts like a rocket. 
Available in a massive range of colours. 


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Fishing Our Region

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Cooby - This past week on our local lake has seen some better results. The yellow belly have been much more active throughout the lake. 
The late afternoon bite has seen better catches, the shallower water close to structure has been been popular for most anglers. Casting and or trolling shallow diving hardbodies or Jackall TN60’s has been effective. For the bait anglers saltwater yabbies being the better option. 

Cressbrook - Finally some positive feedback from our other local lake. Bass are starting to school up in much larger numbers. Concentrating on larger points in the main basin and Bull Creek arm will be your best option, working metal blades and plastic’s have produced decent numbers. Trolling has been the standout for most anglers, little ripper, smak Blits baga and the HIDEUP 400 has accounted for the better fish. 

Leslie - It’s been a tough week on the yellow belly front with only a few reports coming in. The bait fisherman proving dominant, both worms and saltwater yabbies being popular. Good reports of silver perch being caught out from the boat ramp amongst the submerged timber. 
With that being said the cod have been starting to move as they finish spawning for the year and back harassing the bait population. 

Somerset - Another fantastic week on our big bass lake, the edge bite has been very productive if your willing to put the time in. Working the grassier shallow edges has seen the most success. Small crankbaits from the HIDEUP range have been dynamite aswell as Lipless Crankbaits and blades. Shallow water is key while the dirty water is still hanging around. 

Moogerah -There’s been some much better results over the past week after some nicer weather. Working large points amongst the main basin have been productive, soft plastics like the ever popular slider grub and storm Biscay Minnow working well. The yellow belly have reacted well to Blades and TN60’s in the timber. 

Monduran - The time is Now! During this past week we seen a big change in weather. Consistent Northerly winds has flicked the switch on the Barra. Both Bird Bay South B have produced some good numbers of fish. Still the shallower bays and points is your best option. The ever popular slick rig proving dominant aswell as the Molix 140 and 120. Good fish have also been caught amongst the timber on jerkbajts like the Jackall 79 HankTune and Reidy’s B52 in the shallower water. 

The Weather

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