Fishing Report 9th September 2022

Fishing Report 9th September 2022

Photo: Ray Holmes with a great Pair of Somerset Bass, Jackall TN60’s doing the job

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Fishing Our Region

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Cooby - It’s starting to heat up on our local Lake, the Yellow Belly have been on the move and a lot more active than previous week. Trolling has been the go to, working TN60’s or shallow diving hardbodies around the lake edges has been a popular technique. For other anglers casting these same baits up into shallow has seen plenty of success. For the Bait anglers Saltwater Yabbies have proved to be the best option. 

Cressbrook - Similar results to last week with a few catches around the lake, with the Bass not quite schooling up in big numbers there still is patches of fish on the larger points. Casting blades and heavily weighted plastics to these suspended fish has seen the most action. Early Morning there has been a short window when the fish are up shallow, suspending Hardbodies like the Jackall squirrel 61 or 67 has accounted has been popular. 

Leslie - Starting to see some Better results this past week, the bait fisherman proving very dominant with consistent catches. Both Saltwater Yabbies and worms being best. Along with that Jigging Zx Blades amongst the deeper water has been popular. 

Somerset - The last few weeks we have seen the best edge bite in a long time in Somerset and that’s all to do with the recent rain. With plenty more rain in the coming days this bite will hang around much longer. The edge bite has been very consistent all day. Both Rock Walls and Grass banks have all produced the fish. 
It’s been all about reaction baits, Jackall TN60’s in both rattle and silent have been the lure of choice for most anglers. The fish are spread out throughout the entire lake from the spit to the upper reaches of Kirkleigh even producing some great catches. 

Wivenhoe - With the dirty water still hanging around but the warmer weather these fish very similar to Somerset have been moving shallow. Working shallow grassy banks have been key, TN60’s being the go to lure again. Remember 6knot speed limit is enforced at Wivenhoe along with 4 stroke or Oil injected 2 stroke out birds. 

Monduran - The days are Heating up and the northerly winds are starting to kick in which means it’s only a matter d time before this lake really fires up. 
Already starting to see some unbelievable reports. The shallow Bays is where it’s at while these fish hunt amongst the warmer water. The ever faithful Squidgie slick rig 130 and the new Molix 120 is already gaining great interest while these fish are super shallow. There has been a great Bite amongst the shallow spindly trees, suspending hardbodies have proved successful. Reidy B52 and the Jackall 79 HankTune squirrels being the best lures for the job. 

The Weather

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