Fishing Report 2nd September 2022

Fishing Report 2nd September 2022

Photo: Troy Sweeny Leslie Yellow Belly

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Product Of The Week - Reidy’s Lures B52

This week we re introduce Reidy’s lures back to our shelves, the ever popular B52.

The B52 range is used all over Australia but its main use is in Northern Australia catching big Barra. The B52 lure range has a distinctive rolling action and slower tail beat than other Reidy’s products which enables the lure to dart and flash like a fleeing bait fish.

All B52 Lures are fitted with heavy duty VMC (3xstrong) #1 treble hooks and heavy duty split rings and have internal rattles. The body and bibs are made of ABS plastic.


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Fishing Our Region

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Cooby - Very similar reports to last week on our local lake, the bait fisherman have had the better results, saltwater yabbies have proven to be the best option while other anglers having good success trolling hardbodies and TN60’s. The majority of the fish are holding not far off the banks amongst the warmer water. 

Cressbrook - It’s been a slow winter on Cressbrook with very few reports coming in, there is schools of Bass not far from the boat ramp, the 2 larger points in the main basin have held the better numbers of fish, Metal  blades like the ever green little max have accounted for the most success along with plastics like the every faithful slider grub. 

Somerset - It’s great see Big Somerset Bass back on the bite, the edge fishing has been red hot. The fish are up close to the banks looking for the clearer water. Suspending Hardbodies, Lipless Crankbaits and Metal blades have all accounted for some amazing fish. Working the shallow grassy edges with Jackall squirrels have been the standout while working reaction style baits against the larger rock walls have been effective. 

Leslie - It’s been a slow winter but as the weather heating up we have seen an increase in activity. The bait fisherman proving to be the most successful. Saltwater Yabbies getting the numbers on the board. The fish have been holding on the edges of the creek bed tight against structure. Out from the caravan park has been popular.

Lake Monduran - This week we have seen a rise in water temperature and some consistent winds hitting the lake. Targeting shallow wind blown bays and large points are key areas to target. Shallow diving suspending hardbodies have proved to be popular on the smaller aggressive fish. This summer Monduran should be on everyone’s hit list. Stay tuned for the best Barra season yet! 

The Weather

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