Fishing Report 3rd July 2020

Fishing Report 3rd July 2020

Photo: Ben Janke landed this cracking fish on a recent trip to Glenlyon, a Jackall Gantia claiming this fish!

Lure of the week

Samaki Redic DS 80 Jerkbait 
Designed in Australia and crafted of the highest quality materials, Samaki Redic series has been created to be the ultimate in action and strength in its class.

A superior hardbody manufactured of premium ABS materials, supersonic welding to endure the harshest of environments , Redic’s are designed from the ground up to utilise the strongest hardware ensuring the end product has the ultimate action to entice the bite from the most elusive of species.
Coming up to Barra Season these New Lures from Samaki are definitely worth a look. 
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Cooby Dam
Still closed due a Blue Green Algae

Cressbrook Dam
Few Promising reports this past week with some good fish still being caught up on the edges , this cold weather should see these fish stay shallow for most of the day. The Jackall squirrel has proven very effective. The schooled fish in the main basin are there but very hard to tempt into eating a lure. The Palms Slow Blatts or the Hot Bite Gang Banger G2 has been the go too lures.

Somerset Dam
Very tough the past couple of Week getting these fish to bite, the majority of fish are on the Kirkliegh flats out from the cabins, the fish are moving very quickly which has made them hard to stay on top of. Covering water by trolling deep diving hardbodies such as the Smack Golden Child and Blitz Baga has been by far the standout technique. Casting 20 to 30 Gram Metal spoons like the Slow Blatts and the G2 has accounted for some good fish as well, just a lot of casts between fish. In the next coming Week's we should see these fish turn on and will be some huge bass on the bite.

Wivenhoe Dam
Few Good reports over the last week, The fish have been very spread out from the Billys Bay Ramp these shallow flats have huge amounts of bait which these fish are thriving on, Plastics and Spoons have been getting good results while the trolling anglers have caught their fair share of yellow belly, the eastern rock walls in the basin have produced good numbers of fish. 

Boondooma Dam

Very good numbers of fish have been caught over the last couple of weeks and it continues to do the same, the main points in the basin are holding huge numbers of fish, Leezagangs Ledge,The Junction and Pelican point have been the go too areas. Tail spinners and Soft Plastics being the standout lures. 

Copeton Dam

A fish of a life time have been there and willing to bite if you put in the casts and the effort, the Jackall Gantarel and Gigantarel proves to be still the lures of choice. Casting these baits onto the shallower banks where the schools of bony bream and spangled perch are. During the day fishing the deeper timbered areas has proved to be successful, Bassman Spinnerbaits and Large Mumblers have been the go to baits for this technique.

Glenlyon Dam
This lake has produced some amazing fish over the last few weeks and hopefully it continues for weeks to come, with Murray Cod breeding season coming up the fish are well and truly on the move before they settle and guard their nests for the upcoming season. The majority of fish have been caught quite shallow with topwater lures like the mega pompadour being very productive. Replicating the small bait fish these fish are eating has been key to getting the reaction from the fish, The Jackall Gantia or Gantarel produced the majority of fish and has seen people catching numerous fish over the magic meter mark in one session. These lures can be fished quite easily all throughout the day by easily adding a chin weight, it allows the lure to dive to a greater depth if the fish are found in timber trees or bays.

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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