Fishing Report 3rd March 2019

Fishing Report 3rd March 2019

Photo: Jason Earlich From Hot Bite fishing with a Giant Somerset Bass

Lure of the week

Jackall Gantarel
Coming into the colder months these baits come into there own, Crafted with an unequalled attention-to-detail and two durable joints, the segmented Jackall Gantarel creates an incredibly realistic bluegill imitation that will fool the largest and most seasoned fish. On either side, the Jackall Gantarel is moulded with extended pectoral fins, which enhance stability and allow the lure to dive down to 3-feet with a smooth, S-shaped swimming action. Able to perform 180-degree turns with a sharp jerk, the Jackall Gantarel evokes reflex-driven reaction strikes from fish that may be interested, but not fully committed.

Cooby and Cressbrook
Remain closed due to a blue green algae outbreak.

Leslie Dam
This lake has fished very consistently over the last six months and still producing great numbers of cod and yellow belly, The trolling anglers having the most success targeting structure on the edge of the creek bed with heavily weighted Spinnerbaits, Salwater Yabbies and Live worms have worked well for the bait anglers.

Somerset Dam
A great week on the water at Somerset with most anglers having some great sessions, the afternoon bite has been the pick of the bite times, Deep Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits were the go too lure for the casting anglers, trolling has been far by he best technique for covering water and finding those active fish. Pelican Point and Queen street have been the successful areas.

Bjelkie Peterson Dam
Considering the very low water levels the lake has been fishing quite well, numerous anglers getting amongst good numbers of fish, working the main basin between the 2 main boat ramps has held some good fish, Targeting these fish with blades and soft Jackalls were the go too lure.

Copeton Dam
Theirs been some great catches over the last few weeks, still trolling that deeper water column with weighted swimbaits have been the standout. The night time bite has been quite successful due to the hotter days forcing them fish quite deep and harder to catch.

Pindari Dam
Some great reports over the last week, anglers getting well and truly there fair share of fish, bare in mind it has been quite difficult to launch larger boats. The main basin has produced the alot of the fish due to the low water levels, targeting these fish tight up against structure with Spinnerbaits and deep hardbody’s got the reaction from the fish.

Gold Coast Offshore/Broadwater
By far the best week of weather we have had for some time, allowing anglers to get out offshore, the closer inshore reefs still producing the better snapper, Float lining pilchards or squid worked very well, also targeting these active fish with larger plastics like the Gulp Jerkshad can be very productive in getting the larger snapper to bite. A great by catch of Pearl Perch, Parrot and the odd Kobia have been caught throughout the week. The Seaway has fished extremely well for snapper, some reaching that 7kg mark, drifting the north wall has produced these fish. Small Spangled emperor have also showed up while fishing these same areas.


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