Fishing Report 21st March 2019

Fishing Report 21st March 2019

Photo: Joel Pukallus with an example of what Lake Awoonga can produce.

Lure of the week

Smak Classic Range
The SMAK Classic range has proven themselves to be exceptional fish takers in all types of ranges. The SMAK lures range combines all the very best features of the classic trolling/casting lures. The SMAK Classic range is available in three depth ranges from 12ft to 19ft plus.


Both Cooby and Cressbrook
Remain shut due the blue-green algae outbreak

Somerset Dam
Somerset has been quite generous to most anglers during the week after the weekend's rain event, Pelican and Kirkliegh flats are holding the numbers of fish, Deep Spinnerbaits and Blades being the go to lures. For the trolling anglers, there have been some incredible success in the same areas, keeping your lure tight to the bottom is key to getting s reaction from the fish.

Leslie Dam
A quieter week fish wise at Leslie with a few anglers struggling throughout the day, The afternoon being the best bite time, the best method has been jigging Zx blades or Jackall mask vibes close to structures. A few smaller cod have been caught on the troll, running your lures tight to the creek bed has had the most success.

Boondooma Dam
The pic of our local dams at the moment, this lake is fishing very consistently, bass are schooled in the main basin around the buoy line, targeting these fish with plastics and spoons were the lure of choice, The Stuart arm produced a few Saratoga after last weekends rain, casting 1/4 -3/oz Spinnerbaits and top water lures like the micro Pompadour accounted for these fish.

Glenlyon Dam
A massive drop in water level over the last few weeks resulted in very tough fishing throughout that time, the Yellow Belly have been active and are willing to eat a bait or lure, the patient anglers having good success tied or anchored up to a tree and vertically jigging blades and soft vibes. Salt water Yabbies also being very successful for the bait anglers. 

Copeton Dam
Some great results have come from the lake over the last week on the build up to the full moon, working that deeper water column has produced some good fish, casting 1 oz mumblers and Spinnerbaits to deeper trees or banks was the key. As the new moon isn’t far away these fish will get shallower to chase the active bait, Top water and shallow Swimbaits are perfect for these conditions.

Gold Coast Offshore
The shallow inshore fishing at the coast this week has been the standout with the Pelagic’s, big numbers of Mac, Long Tail Tuna and Spotty Mackerel have been working down the coast, Most anglers getting a good shot at these fast moving fish if there in the right areas. The Snapper have been active on the 24 and 36 fathom reefs, Targeting these fish with a well presented squid or Pilchard should see you land some nice fish.


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