Fishing Report 4th April 2019

Fishing Report 4th April 2019

Photo: Matthew Watson with Somerset Giant Bass.

Lure of the week

Atomic Slapper
The Atomic Slappa is a classic surface crawler design designed to make a maximum sized disturbance on the water. It is 90 mm long and has large aluminium wings that fold against the body enabling anglers to deliver a long accurate casts time and time again. The wide body displaces water and provides the point upon which it waddles across the surface. The small cupped face also spits water as it moves across the surface.

Cooby and Cressbrook Dam
Remain Shut Due to the Algae Bloom Outbreak.

Leslie Dam
Still producing some great quality fish this week, Cod up too 80cm caught during the early morning, Trolling Spinnerbaits on the flats have proven to be very successful. For the bait anglers targeting Yellow Belly fishing well into the afternoon has been by far the pick of the bite times, Saltwater yabbies always proving to be the best.

Somerset Dam
With a very successful Fishing competition held on the lake last weekend,seen a lot of fish weighed in and some big ones at that, fish up to 58cm were captured trolling the Smak Hard body range, The Smak 16ft and Golden Child was the standout lure for all anglers. North and South pelican held the majority of the fish and continues to fish very well during the week. For the casting anglers we seen it fish well, Same areas casting Spoons, Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits, keeping your lure tight to the bottom was key to getting the reaction from the fish.

Boondooma Dam
Still a standout amongst our local dams, Fished very well last weekend, some great fish were caught all around the main basin, The edge fishing was a choice for some anglers, Casting Spinnerbaits for the reaction fish or Football jigs fished very slowly on the bottom targeting the less pressured fish. Spoons and plastics worked wonders on the suspended fish out from the Dam wall. The bait anglers having great success in the Stuart arm of the dam, Worms or Yabbies being the go too.

Glenlyon Dam
With water still getting dropped from the Dam it makes the fishing that little bit tougher, pushing fish a little deeper than expected for this time of year, Casting Heavy Spinnerbaits and Mumblers tight to the submerged timber or Deeper banks accounted for some reasonable sized cod during the week, Trolling has been working well on these fish while they are moving around and finding a comfortable depth until the water level becomes consistent.

Copeton Dam
Copeton fished very well leading up to the new moon, Swimbaits and Topwater were the main focus as these fish begin to move up into the shallower Bays. The trolling anglers have had good success a little later on in the morning as the fish start to move a little deeper, Trolling Chin weighted Swimbaits like the Jackall Gantarel or Gigantarel has been hard to beat.

Gold Coast Offshore
With the weather not being on the anglers side this week, Good reports came from the mid week fisherman with some great sized snapper being caught on the 24 and 36 fathom reefs, Bottom Bashing and Berleying these fish up off the bottom was key to getting the fish to commit to baits. Spotty and Spanish Mackerel have been on the move not far from the shallower reefs up to 25m. Floating lining live baits has been the best option on these fish.

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