Fishing Report 11th April 2019

Fishing Report 11th April 2019

Photo: “Keen young Pittsworth angler Tobby Evans looking extremely happy with his first ever meter Murray Cod hitting the deck at 105cm . Caught at Lake Coolmunda casting and retrieving a Jackall TN60 . 

Lure of the week

Jackall Gigantarel
Arriving this week is some more outstanding colours in the Jackall Gignatrel. This Gigantic bait is a Murray Cod and Barra slayer! At 200mm and 5.4oz she isn’t catching anything small. Big bait big fish right?

Cooby and Cressbrook Dam
Remain close due to the Algae Outbreak.

Somerset Dam
Hot and Cold this past week on the lake with anglers casting struggling to get a reaction out of the bigger fish. The Anglers trolling have by far the most success, trolling the Smak hardbody range has accounted for some great sessions, Smak 16’s and the Golden Child has been the standout lure. Working the 25-28 foot mark on the north and south and of Pelican point has had some great success. Keeping your lures close to the bottom is key to getting that bite.

Leslie Dam
The Cod have definatley been on the move over the past few months and still continue to do the same, 2 over the magic meter were caught during the week, Trolling 1-2oz Spinnerbaits accounted for these fish, The fish are holding quite deep around that 15-20 ft mark among the old creek bed. The Yellow Belly haven’t been the easiest to catch, Saltwater Yabbies have been the go too for the bait anglers.

Boondooma Dam
Some very good reports still coming out of Boondooma with anglers having very good sessions up to 50-60 fish. The fish have moved further up the dam towards the junction and have schooled on the 30 foot flats getting ready for winter. Metal blades were the go too lure on these fish. Some good Saratoga have been caught up the Boyne arm, Spinnerbaits and small chatterbaits being the lure of choice.

Copeton Dam
Some very special fish have been caught from Copeton over the last week, one measuring in at a Giant 1.30cm. Jackall Gantarel claiming this fish. As the weather cools these fish just become more and more common. Swimbaits and Topwater is what its all about, as the fish move closer to the shallower bays and target the bait fish. Trolling has also seen some great fish caught, Gigantarel with a small chin weight accounted for some beasts this past week, Copeton bay has held some good fish.

As the cold weather settles in this is a great time of year to hit our closer estuary’s, Bream are starting to school in good numbers, Short Island, Crusoe Island and Tiger Mullet Channel always proving very productive. Flathead have turned up in good numbers, Drifting along the shallower sand flats or banks is a great way to target these fish, Kallinga bank and just inside of the bar is holding some solid Jew, Live baits will be your best bet.

Gold Coast Offshore
With some great conditions over the last week giving the anglers the opportunity to head out. Good signs of Spanish Mackerel are showing up on the 24 fathom reefs, Float lining yakkas or small slimeys will be your best bet. The further reefs like the 36 and 54 fathom reefs have held good numbers of Snapper, Pearl Perch and Trag Jew, Bottom bashing with either Squid or Pillchards was the go too bait.


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