Fishing Report 25th April 2019

Fishing Report 25th April 2019

 Photo: Jordan Schulz with a nice Saratoga from Lake Borumba 

Lure of the week

The Dartspin is a very versatile and advanced soft plastic bait. Its body can be rigged in many ways – on a weedless swimbait hook, conventional jig head, drop shot leader, inline treble hook or a super strong and compact hook for big fish. While the spinning leaf blade adds flash and vibration, the Dartspin lures are made from a revolutionary new hyperelastic material, designed to be longer-lasting and more bite resistant. The design causes a horizontal wiggling fall with a fast blade rotation. The constant vibration and reflective flash entices very aggressive strikes. Designed to be used in snag-infested rivers or open water, fresh or salt, shallow or deep. The Dartspin lure comes to life, attracting a wide range of saltwater fi sh and is perfect for Australian native species and barramundi.


Cooby and Cressbrook
Remain shut due to the Algae Outbreak

Leslie Dam
Still some great reports coming in from leslie this past week with the cod still well and truly on the move, Trolling is still the stand out Technique and will continue to be quite successful as this cold weather settles in. Jigging Zx Blades and Jackall Mask vibes  around Submerged structure have accounted for some smaller Cod along with some larger Yellow Belly during the late afternoon.

Somerset Dam
A step back on the fishing front this week with alot of boat activity on the lake, this Dam just does not fish well under boat pressure,  Pelican point and the Kirkliegh flats proving to be the stand out for most anglers. Trolling is by the most productive as covering water is key when the fishing is that little bit tougher.

Wivenhoe Dam
Good reports coming in during the holidays with anglers having some very good sessions, the edge bite is only going to get better as the colder weather settles in. Casting Lipless Crankbaits and larger Jerkbaits to the weed edges. Good shows of Yellow belly being caught along the rock walls, trolling Shallower Hardbodies like the Smak 12’s and 16’s produced some great fish.

Copeton Dam
Very steady on the fishing front this week with good fish caught all through out the dam, the fish have been quite spread out slowly moving there way up into the shallower bays as the colder weather continues. Still trolling the Jackall Gigantarels along the edges have proved to be very hard to beat. There has been a good day time bite on the smaller Cod and Yellow Belly, Jigging soft vibes have accounted for these fish, Locating structure out from predominant points in the lake should see you have the best chance.

Pindari Dam
Anglers have had some good sessions over the last few weeks, with the lake being very low at the moment and not accessible to the larger boats, its fished well with little too no pressure. Targeting the deeper banks with Spinnerbaits or a deeper Crankbait have accounted for the majority of the bites.

Gold Coast Offshore and Broadwater
With some great weather over the holiday period it allowed for a lot of anglers to head out to the closer reefs, the 24 and 36 fathom reefs fished well for Pearl Perch and good sized snapper, Good shows of Mackeral around these same reefs, Float Lining smaller live baits to these fish has proven successful.  The Broadwater has fished incredibly over the last few weeks with snapper up to 5kg being caught just inside the Seaway, plastics and cubed pilchards worked in the anglers favour.


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