Fishing Report 2nd May 2019

Fishing Report 2nd May 2019

Photo: Shane Rideout with a prime example of a Lake Callide Barramundi

Lure of the week

Megabass Magdraft
The MAGDRAFT is a large meal meticulously crafted for a thumping tail action that travels through the body, giving the head a subtle side-to-side shimmy that sends vibrations through the water column. Built for trophies, the MAGDRAFT is equipped with a robust wire-through construction firmly joining line eye to hook for decisive hook-ups and control.

Photo: Kris George With a 124cm Cooby Cod on a Megabass MAGDRAFT 

Cooby and Cressbrook Dam
Remain closed till further notice.

Leslie Dam
A few Anglers struggling on the lake over the last week, with cooler temperatures really making the fish a little fatigued. The warmer afternoons have been the successful bite times when the temp reaches its peak. The Bait fisherman having the most success, Saltwater yabbies and Worms being the go too. Still trolling larger Spinnerbaits and Mumblers have picked up the odd cod.

Somerset Dam
Reasonable reports this week with anglers having some good sessions, trolling is still being the most productive as these fish are very tight to the bottom, The Smak Hard body range has been working a treat, Smak 16 and the Golden child model being the lure of choice. Sometimes trolling your lures at a faster speed can make these fish react when a little shut down. Pelican Point, The start of Queen street and the Kirkliegh flats are all holding great numbers of fish.

Bjelkie Peterson Dam
Fishing on BP has slowly been improving with some nice catches of Bass and Yellow belly coming in, particularly during the warmer afternoons. With the warmer afternoons and the cold morning the fish have generally been staying out deep in the 10 to 15 foot zone.

Target the edges with Spinnerbaits, blades and tail spinners. It helps if the edges have spindly timber mixed in with weed, as the fish tend to move up and feed around this structure early in the morning. The fish have been spread out over the flats next to Lightening Ridge, Bass Point and wide of the Quarry.

Boondooma Dam
Boondooma has started to pick up, the bigger Bass and Goldens are starting to be caught on a variety of techniques as the fish begin moving up shallow and sitting on the flats. The last month has seen some inconsistency but some good fish are starting to be caught. Bait fisherman are still catching good numbers of fish up in the timbered arms tying off trees and fishing with live shrimps and worms as bait. Trollers are picking up some good fish trolling around the weed edges and along the rock walls up near the dam wall and in the timbered arms with Spinnerbaits and deep diving hard bodies.

Copeton Dam
With water levels being dropped over the previous weeks it has made things a little tougher, as these fish will spread out into the deeper water, hence the trolling anglers are getting their fair share of fish. The Jackall Gigantarel has produced multiple big cod yet again. As the enviromental water releases come to a stand still we should see this lake fish incredibly well coming into the colder months.

Gold Coast Offshore/ Jumpinpin
Some great Colder weather has been settling in over the last few days which can only mean one thing, Big snapper and plenty of them. Good Numbers are starting to arrive out in the deeper reefs and will start to show up in on the close reefs as the water temp starts to cool down. The past few days there has been some great tailor hanging around the inside of the Juminpin Bar, early mornings these fish will push towards the surface and when they become a little easier to target. Live baiting these same areas has accounted for some smaller school Jew. 





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