Fishing Report 5th July 2024

Fishing Report 5th July 2024

Photo:   Jedd Simpson with a healthy Yellowbelly caught in the local river.

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Product of The Week - Irukandji MegaPrawn 

Irukandji's latest soft bait is a hyper-realistic prawn imitation, available from 4" / 100mm all the way up to 8" / 200mm.

Made from an ultra soft and flexible material these lures have an irresistible action combined with our range of ultra-realistic colour patterns which mimic our prawn species so well even we get confused sometimes. 2 per pack.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Cooby has been fishing quite well over the past week with plenty of fish being caught. Searching the rockwalls and deeper points that have structure on the bottom has been key. Jigging zx blades and profishent master vibes has been working well. Trolling has seen a few fish being caught using Cooby Cobba deep diving mighty mites and RMG Poltergeists. Saltwater Yabbies and Live Worms have been the go to bait as of late.

Cressbrook Dam - Cressy has been consistent over the past week with quality fish being caught. Searching the deeper water around the points has been key. Using palms slowblatt spoons, Hideup 400s and Jackall Mask Vibes has seen better numbers of fish being caught. Trolling has produced some good numbers of fish using Cooby Cobba Basstraps and Little Rippers 18+. As for the bait fisherman Saltwater yabbies and Live worms have been successful bait options.

Leslie Dam - With the weather the past few days Leslie has been fishing well. Majority of the fish have been caught in sandy creek looking for the structure on the bottom. Jigging TT Switchprawns and Zerek Fish traps have been popular options. Trolling the edges of the creek bed has been producing good fish using Kezza Mudmouses and Barambah B60s. For those keen Cod anglers there has been a few good ones being caught in sandy creek early morning. Using Mega Pompadours and the 7" Irukandji DTFs have been the go to baits. Saltwater yabbies still being the best bait.

Lake Coolmunda - Coolmunda is still fishing well with plenty of fish being caught. Fishing the standing timber across from the boat ramp has been a popular spot as well as fishing the edges of the creek bed. Jigging blades and casting TN60s and Bassman Spinnerbaits has been working well. Trolling Kezza Weirdohs and Stumpjumpers has seen good fish landed. For those chasing cod casting 1/2 Mumblers and Baitsanity Explorer Gills late afternoon has been having good success. Live worms and Saltwater Yabbies have been the go to bait.

Glenlyon Dam- Glenlyon has been fishing quite well with plenty of quality fish being landed. Fishing the standing timber jigging Profishent Vixen Blades and TT Quake Vibes has seen a lot of fish caught. Searching the shallow grass banks early morning and late afternoon has been popular. throwing 9" Sicarios, Jointed Swimbaits and Ballista Tremors have had the most success. Saltwater yabbies being the best bait.

Copeton Dam - Copeton has been firing with plenty of solid fish being caught. Searching for structure on the bottom has been key. Jigging TT Switch prawns and Samaki Vibelicious have been the go to lures. For the cod anglers finding the shallow banks has been key. Throwing 9" Sicarios and Baitsanity Explorer Gills have been popular options. Saltwater yabbies and live worms being the best bait. 

The Weather

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