Fishing Report 9th May 2019

Fishing Report 9th May 2019

Photo: Daniel Nagle with his Cod Classic winning fish, measuring at 122cm

Lure of the Week

Biwaa SubMission Shad 5”
Utilizing Biwaa’s penchant for insightful design, the Biwaa SubMission Shad delivers a refined baitfish imitation that stands head-and-shoulders above the competition. Covered with a detailed scaling, molded gill plates, and 3D eyes, the Biwaa SubMission Shad is able to trick the wariest predators, even in gin clear conditions.


Cooby and Cressbrook
Remain shut due Blue-Green Algae

Somerset Dam
Very mixed reports this week on the lake with some anglers struggling to get a bite while others have had some very good sessions, the late afternoon bite has been by far the most consistent, Metal Blades and Ice jigs have been the lure of choice as the fish are very tight to the bottom. The trolling angers are still racking up good numbers of fish, the Smak or Little Ripper range of Hardbodies worked well on these fish. The Kirkliegh Flats and Queen street flats have been the go too areas.

Leslie Dam
Last weeks rain was enough to spark the fish up over the weekend with alot of anglers getting amongst the action, Trolling and covering ground was the stand out technique. Targeting the edge of the creek bed accounted for most of the fish. Jigging ZX blades and soft Vibes worked wonders once locating good schools of fish. Smaller Cod have been in numbers on the low light periods, saltwater yabbies being the go too.

Wivenhoe Dam
Its coming into that time of year where Wivenhoe comes into its own, as the fish mover further into the Basin and start too school up in big numbers, as for now there has been a great edge bite before it gets too warm. Casting larger Jerkbaits into Shallower weeded banks have accounted for big bass and the odd Yellow Belly, Long pauses are key when fishing these baits. Working the deeper banks with Lipless Crankbaits and Spinnerbaits is always another great option.

Moogerah Dam
By far the pick of our local lakes at the moment, the bass have just started too school up inside the the timber on the shallower 20 foot flats, Casting Spoons and 1/2 oz plastics have been the lure of choice. The trolling anglers also having success, Tn60 trolled around the heavy structure worked wonders over the weekend.

Copeton Dam
With Environmental water releases still coming out of the lake it has made it that little bit tougher, but its all about to change, as it gets colder and these water releases stop the fish will become very confident in moving into the shallower bays and pestering the masses of bait fish. A few great fish got caught over the weekend with one at 122 and another at 114cm, The Jackall Gantarel and the Zerek Live Swimbait accounting for these fish.

Gold Coast Offshore
The weekends weather allowed a lot of anglers to head out and they definitely made the most of it with some great bottom fishing, The 24 and 36 fathom fished the best with good sized snapper and smaller pearl perch getting caught, on the pelagic side of things there has been endless amounts of Long Tail and Mac Tuna getting around the South end of the Jumpin Pin Bar, Smaller Slugs and Stickbaits proved to be very successful.


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