Fishing Report 16th May 2019

Fishing Report 16th May 2019

Photo: Jason Robertson with a 49cm Bass from Moogerah

Lure of the week

Bassman Jaw Knocker
One of the best Cod catchers in the land has just got Better!

Easily one of the best Cod producers in the land, the Bassman range needs no introduction. With a recent redesign of the Mumbler blade, the lure (now known as the Jaw Knocker) has improved the action of the lure out of sight both with multiple improvements to lure action and subsurface sonics. With an ultra clever design and after an arduous testing phases, the new blade impacts on the the side of the Mumbler head, not only does this feature improve action, it adds noise as well! These significant changes have had a remarkable impact on catch rates.

Cooby and Cressbrook
Remain shut due to the Algae Outbreak

Leslie Dam
A little average fishing on the lake this past week, the odd yellow belly still being caught, the bank fisherman having some reasonable success with Saltwater yabbies and worms. Still some great cod to be caught, covering ground trolling spinnerbaits has been the go too lure for most anglers.

Somerset Dam
Some good fish being caught earlier on in the week at Somerset, Vetical Jigging Ice jigs and Blades seems to be the most productive, trolling deep diving hardbodies like the poltergeist or Smak hardbody range has picked up numbers of smaller fish, the larger fishing being a little unactive due to the colder days.

Moogerah Dam
Very similar reports of very good fishing to be had at the lake at the moment, winter time this dam comes into its own and fishes very well, the most productive technique has been fishing spoons and plastics on the shallower flat up into the dam and also out from the spit

Copeton Dam
Producing some reasonable fish this past week, fishing early mornings with swimbaits like the Jackall Gantarel and top water wake baits like the Mega Pompadour will be your best bet for a Copteon beast! During the day throwing baits like the Bassman Mumbler into steeper banks has worked well coming up to the full moon as these fish can hold that little bit deeper.

Gold Coast inshore and Broadwater
Its that time of year where the saltwater fishing comes into its own, as large bream have showed up in number all along the Broadwater. Fishing the northern wall of the spit is holding some great fish. The inshore species are well on the move and been a little harder to stay on top of, Long tail tuna have showed up just outside the Jumpin pin, casting Stickbaits and slugs is by far the pick of the lures.

Tip of the week
Time Management searching and finding that right bank or spot during the day as takes the guess work out when it counts. It is a must to be fishing your location/bank when you know the fish will only feed early morning or late afternoon for that half an hour or even less, you don’t want to be travelling spot too spot when the fish are willing to feed.


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