Fishing Report 8th July 2022

Fishing Report 8th July 2022

Photo: Jack Essery with a nice pair of Glenlyon Yellow Belly

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Product Of The Week - Squidgy Slick Rig 130 (Black Gold Colour)

The ever faithful Squidgie slick rig has been the standout Barra lure for the last 20 years and with good reason. With its huge body roll and it’s perfect size.
By far the most popular colour in the stable Is back in stock. The black gold slicky is back just in time for this up coming Barra season.


Fishing Our Region

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Cooby - Finally some decent calm condition on the forecast for the weekend, unfortunately during the week the weather wasn’t the best making it hard for anglers to get out. Some reasonable sized fish have been caught off the bank. Mainly on bait like saltwater yabbies and worms. Walking the bank with soft vibes and metal blades has also been effective working the deeper edges towards the rock wall. Boat fisherman are still having the best success trolling hardbodies like the Little Ripper and Cooby Cobba lures. Out from the reflections camp ground has been a popular spot for most.

Cressbrook - Very similar reports from last week, plenty of smaller fish have been schooled up in the Bull Creek arm of the dam and out from the boat ramp. Blades and soft plastics have been getting most of the attention. Working the edges has also been successful on the low light periods. Suspending hardbodies and lipless cranks baits worked along weed edges has accounted for the better quality fish.

Leslie - At the present time we aren't seeing the best of Leslie after the recent water roll and cold temps. Plagues of boney bream and cat fish have been floating due to the cold snap over the last few weeks but luckily both cod and yellow belly have survived. Targeting cleaner water in the main basin is your best bet, jigging blades and soft vibes vertically have still been working. While saltwater yabbies have proven very popular while the fish haven’t been as active.

Bjelkie Peterson - Finally some consistent weather in the Burnett region which has allowed the fish to become a little more confident. The edge fishing has been the standout, hopping blades like eco gear ZX40 and ever green little max blade has been a popular choice. This lake will be one to watch as the weather heats up in the next few months.

Copeton / Glenlyon - It’s been a tough slog in our Murray Cod impoundments but slowly starting to see more results. Finding clean water is key for both these lakes as they have just filled recently and still doing water releases. Top water has been the name of the game with the dirtier water. Along with large swimbaits getting some trophy fish. Find the bait and you’ll find those active acid.

Gold Coast Broadwater - The Gold Coast Broadwater fishery is in full swing, the Bream are in huge numbers as they do there yearly spawning run.  The deeper reef around the northern wall of the seaway is always producing small snapper, riskier flathead, and giant trevally. Lightly weighted soft plastic like the gulp Crabby or shrimp dragged along the bottom can be dynamite. The flats south of Wave break island have fished well for winter whiting and the odd larger bream.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
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