Fishing Report 1st July 2022

Fishing Report 1st July 2022

Photo: Kris George with a nice Yellowbelly from Cooby Dam caught on a Jackall TN60

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Fishing Our Region

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Cooby - A little tougher this week the colder weather back again, the fish have moved a little deeper off the banks. Vertical fishing Zx blades and soft vibe have both been effective. Trolling has still been quite successful. Cooby Cobba Original 60mm and Little Ripper Lures have been the flavour of the week aslong with the Smak Golden child also picking up some great quality fish. Working the larger points and deeper rock walls has been the best bet. For the bait anglers Saltwater Yabbies and Worms have both been productive.

Cressbrook - Plenty of smaller fish schooled up in the basin and the Bull Creek arm. Small bite windows have  made it a little tough for most. The Morning Bite has been by far the pick of the times. The edge fishing has been a little more consistent working reaction style baits searching for that active feeding fish. Spinnerbaits, Suspending Jerkbaits and Lipless crankbaits have worked.

Leslie - Very similar reports from the past few weeks, the Yellow Belly have still been found amongst the 15ft mark, vertically jigging blades and soft vibes has been the best option. While the Cod fishing has been a little better after the recent cold snap, Reasonable numbers of fish have been seen working the edges of the basin and up sandy creek. Swimbaits and larger chatterbaits have been getting the majority of the attention. Saltwater Yabbies have proved dynamite once again especially with the fishing a little less active.

Maroon - By far the pic of our Bass lakes with good reports of better numbers of fish being caught. The edge fishing has been red hot. Suspending Jerkabits have accounted for some big numbers, better than average sized fish are being caught at this little lake and will only get better as we head into the warmer months. The Top water bite has still been getting good results even with the colder weather being present.

Boondooma - Another successful week on Boondooma with some consistent reports coming in. Fishing the edges with Metal Blades and Jackall Mask vibes has been the standout for most anglers as for fishing the deeper schools there also has been a good deep bite during the day. Deep Diving Crankbaits, Metal Blades and Soft plastics have been the best option.

Glenlyon - It's been a late winter this year with only a few Cold snaps early on in the month, the fish are starting to get comfortable and moving shallow chasing Spangled perch and Bony Bream, finding the bait is key in searching for those big fish. Large swimbaits and top water has been the name of the game and starting to produce quality fish. Large main lake points and shallow Flats up the northern end of the dam are your best bet.

Monduran - Another good week on Monduran with plenty of smaller fish on the bite, Majority of these smaller fish have been caught on suspended hardbodies twitched amongst the spindly trees and shallow bays. As the rain progress's find running water or warmer bays where the bait will sit. Unfortunately we are heading to another rain event and this lake already sits at 100%. 

The Weather

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