Fishing Report 10th June 2022

Fishing Report 10th June 2022

Photo: Robert Styan with a true Glenlyon Giant

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The Bidjiwong 285 is the giant of the Bidjiwong family, at 285mm (11.5”) and 96g (3.5 Oz), it will get the attention of the largest predatory species. It has an interchangeable bib system and can be fitted with a wake bait or paddler bib, depending on the conditions. As a wake bait, it has a natural lizard swimming action. As a paddler, it displaces a lot of water and makes a lot of noise, which is complimented by the oversized steel ball rattle in the second segment. It comes rigged with three sets of treble hooks, for maximum hook exposure, but will not foul on the cast. 
This Bait Just screams Big fish and Now is that time!

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby - Cooby has fished reasonably well this week considering the wing and temperature drop, trolling has been the best technique to find those active fish. Both Lipple rippers and the Cooby Cobba Mighty Mite have been the standout for this method. Majority of the fish are holding tight to the bottom just off the edges. Zx Blades have picked up good quality fish out from the sail club. 15ft 20ft has been the best depths.

Cressbrook - Plenty of smaller fish on the move at Cressbrook this week the larger fish have been a little tight lipped. The Bullcreek arm has good numbers of fish schooled up on the larger predominant points, Heavily weight plastics and metal blades like the Evergreen little max blade has accounted for most. As this cool weather settles in there has been a good edge during the early morning, the edge fish have been better quality. Suspending Jerkbaits has been the most effective.

Somerset - Unfortunately the the not so good fishing continues out on the lake, with lots of dirty water flowing in it has made the fishing very tough, the fish are starting to school up just getting a reaction from them has been very tough, if your heading to somerset fishing the edges may be the best bet, reaction style baits like Jackalls, Spinnerbaits and larger suspending hardbodies will be your best bet.

Leslie - Surprisingly the fishing stays the same, we have seen this lake fish well week after week and it continues. Good numbers have been caught not far from the dam wall, finding structure around the 15ft mark has been key, Zx blades fished vertically has again been the stand out as well as Jackall Mask vibes. The trolling anglers also having successful sessions, working isolated structures off the edge of the creek bed is your best bet.

Glenlyon - Starting to see some good action this week with very cold mornings, fish are on the move amongst the shallower water, Big Swimbaits play a big part at this time of the year as these fish feed up before spawning time. Locating the bait will give you the best chance of finding that trophy fish. Targeting shallow banks and the larger points in the lake is key. For the Yellow Belly anglers it has been a little tough with only smaller ones being active.

Copeton - It's the time of year when this lake reaches its prime and this week we have seen a huge increase in big fish activity. The Top water action has been red hot with some huge fish already caught. The ever faithful Mud eye snake and Rattle snakes are a hard lure to go past if you're chasing the big bite. With a Slow Inflow of water still the river end has been popular for a lot of anglers. Targeting the sunken Wattle Trees is a good start. The large Open banks in the main basin has seen good activity during the low light periods.

Monduran - If you're keen to get away from the cold Monduran may be the next best option and with Good reason, the quality of fish hasn't been the best but massive numbers of smaller fish around 60cm have been in plague proportions . These smaller fish have reacted well to Jerkabits fished to the tops of trees, The 79 Squirrel and Samaki Redic have been effective.

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