Fishing Report 3rd June 2022

Fishing Report 3rd June 2022

Photo: Richard Mischke with this Solid Lake Callide Barra

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Product Of The Week - Bassman Tubby

This Bait comes in two sizes at 60 and 100mm and covers a large range of species from Bass to Murray Cod.

With a head down shuffling action this lure is designed to temp a bite in the toughest conditions. The Tubby Native Minnow is easy to cast and dives to around 1.8m in Both models but with Rod angles this bait can track ant any desired depth and also run very close to the surface acting as a wake bait. With a large range of colours designed for the Australian Anglers this lure just screams big fish.


Fishing Our Region

Cooby - Cooby remains CLOSED again this week due cleaning up of the lake following the recent flood event, the lake will be open in the near future

Cressbrook - Unfortunately Cressbrook remains CLOSED, we could see this lake reopened over the weekend.

Somerset - Very few reports of fish being caught since the floods, with the dirty water finding schools in the basin hasn't been the easiest. Anglers willing to fish the edges have come up with better results, working the banks with Jerkbaits, Spinnerbaits and Lipless Crankbaits has been productive.

Moogerah - By far the most consistent Bass fishery around here at the present with good numbers of fish holding amongst the timber, Targeting these fish with Metal blades, Soft plastics and Jackalls have been effective. These fish are slowly starting to school up in big numbers. It's only a matter of time before they chew hard.

Leslie - There are no signs of the yellow belly coming off the bite even with the recent cold mornings and windy days, still massive numbers of fish being caught on a huge variety of Lures and baits. Zx Blades have still been the standout, Vertically jigging in 15-20ft mark around the dam wall area has been the go too, while working the edge of the creek bed has been popular for the trolling anglers, working either Jackalls or a deep diving hard body has been very successful. For the bait anglers Live Worms have worked while saltwater yabbies have still been the most consistent catchers.

Glenlyon - The last few days we have seen the weather plummet with near 0 degrees being recorded further south, this means these fish will push shallower towards the banks and backs of bays Terrorising the bait fish. Large Topwaters and Big swimbiats is the name of the game. There have been big numbers of smaller Yellow Belly being, making it hard to find the legal ones, Again Zx Blades and soft vibes has been the best option.

Copeton - The time is Now, Copeton recorded its first frost mid week which rings alarm bells for these huge predators. The larger fish will cruise the shallow flats and ambush any bait fish in their tracks. Matching the hatch is your best bet, The Ever faithful Jackall Gantarel is the prime candidate for the job. Also fishing Large topwater during the sunrise and Sunset will get the heart pumping. The Barambah Bidjiwong 200 and 285 has been very popular in the past few years and no doubt it'll do some Damage this season.

Monduran - Our closest Barra impoundment flows over after the recent floods, unfortunately this has the barra very spread out all over the lake, Trolling will come into its own as covering water is key while the Barra work out their new surroundings.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
Due to the changing weather conditions, please check for more up to date information.

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