Fishing Report 11th August 2023

Fishing Report 11th August 2023

Photo: Jack Gobbert with a Nice Cod from his Local River

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Product of The Week - Rapala Crush Cite ' The Imposter '

The Crush City Imposter is the perfect prawn or shrimp imitation. Made from Super T.P.E. material and infused with shrimp scent, The Imposter is designed to produce subtle movements like that of the real thing - fooling even the wariest of predators.

When rigged on a VMC Brawler Jighead, The Imposter will hop and dart providing a seductive swim with its appendages vibrating in the water. When rigged weedless, The Imposter utilises the back slit to help hide the hook so anglers can fish it deep into snags where the predators lurk.

The Imposter is one of the most realistic prawn limitations on the market and will deceive fish anywhere.

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Fishing Our Region

Cooby - It's been another reasonable week on Cooby, with some solid fish caught, the numbers haven't been huge but the quality has made up for it, the anglers jigging blades and soft vibes have the most success, the deeper water still remains to be the most productive, out in front of the sail club and in the northern arm. As the weather is heating up and fish are becoming a little more active, trolling has started getting some good action, deep diving baits like the RMG Poltergeistand 18+ little ripper lures working well.

Cressbrook - Still quite steady in regard to the Bass fishing at Cressbrook, plenty of smaller fish on the larger points amongst the Basin getting them to bite has been the problem, metal blades like the ever faithful little max has been popular, slow rolling plastics has also been effective in getting a few to bite. The Yellow Belly have been the best option, working Zx blades and ice jigs. The edges are worth a shot during those cold mornings if you're keen to search for those active feeding fish, suspending jerkbaits like the jackall Squirrel and Daiwa Double Clutch has been the lure of choice for this technique.

Leslie - Not much has changed from leslie, this lake just keeps on producing, good numbers of fish have been found at the start of Sandy creek and the further reaches, still good numbers of fish on the edge of the creek bed around the main basin and dam wall area, vertical jigging blades and soft vibes proves to be the best bet yet again. If you're keen to put the time in on the Cod you could be rewarded, some good fish have been moving shallow and actively feeding on those low light periods, the Jackall range of swimbaits like the Gantarel and Gigantarel has gotten the attention.

Coolmunda - Really starting to see some consistency on Coolmunda, the water has finally started to clear and getting better week by week, the shallow Timbered sections is holding good numbers of both Cod and Yellow Belly, Working spinnerbaits and chatterbaits have tricked a few smaller cod if your willing to put the casts in. Yellow belly have been reacting well to Blades and vibes worked close to the timber, Zx blade proves to be dominant. 

Somerset - It's been a pretty hard week on Somerset with the larger fish really shutting down and hanging close to the bottom, hoping Blades and slowly working plastics along the bottom has had the best results, pelican point remains to be the best if you're looking for numbers. The Saratoga have been still been on the bite if your willing to put the time in and locate these fish, targeting the timbered areas like the top of kirkleigh and opposite pelican in Eagles Nest has seen quite a few caught, either lipless crankbaits and spinnerbaits doing the damage.

Moogerah - Still by far the most consistent Bass fishery at the moment, the flats amongst the timber and the spit have both fished well, Soft Plastics like the Slider Grub and Rapalas New Crush City 'Suspect' have been alot of anglers lure of choice. Plenty of good fish also suspended amongst the deeper water around points off the wall as well.

The Weather

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