Fishing Report 18th August 2023

Fishing Report 18th August 2023

Photo: Jye Gilmore with a Quality Yellow Belly from Bjelkie Peterson.

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Product of The Week - Jacakall Squirrel 79

Jackall Australia released some new colours this past week and what timing with Barra Season just around the corner. SuperDD Squirrel 79 Hank Tune (Original Model) – The most popular deep diving Barramundi Jerkbait on the market. Tested and designed by Harry Watson for the big Barra in lakes like Awonga, Monduran and Faust. And the northern river systems where a steep dive is required. The Squirrels fish catching ability goes much further than any other jerkbait on the market.

Features like:
– It’s high pitch vibration and rolling action.
– Steep diving ability.
– Stability when twitched as hard as you wish or rolled as fast as you like.
– 80mm baitfish slender body profile.
– perfect suspending action when paused.
– Hook design for positive hookups and minimal lost fish.
– Terminals rigged straight from the box for big Barra.

With all these features – this is an out of the box, super Barramundi lure. Hank Tune lures are the highest quality Japanese made lures on the market.

Upgraded with X-strong rings and hooks for our biggest predators. Tuned to swim perfectly straight from the pack and handle big fish.
**Please note – we do not have all of the colours at all times!

Find them here!

Fishing Our Region

Cooby - This week our local lake has fished a little tougher than previous weeks, the bait anglers definitely having the better results, out in front of the sali club has fished well around that 20ft mark, also the northern arm has been consistent the last few weeks and it continues. Lure anglers have had reasonable results if you're willing to put the time in, Jigging Zx Blades or similar baits have worked. Trolling has picked up the odd fish, covering ground around the lake edges is your best bet.

- Nothing much has changed this past week with the lake still fishing quite tough in regards to the larger fish, plenty of smaller Bass and good yellow belly have been located on the larger points in the Bull Creek arm, blades, spoons and tailspinners being the lure of choice. Coming into spring we should see plenty of Red Claw back on the Move.

Leslie - 
Another Successful week on Leslie with some good catches, the top end of the lake along the Black Boys and Sandy creek has fished well, Zx blades and soft vibes being the best options, Targeting isolated structures has seen the most action. The other end of the lake amongst the deeper water around the dam wall is starting to fish well for both Cod and Yellow Belly. For the bait anglers Saltwater Yabbies being the best bait by far.

- The past few weeks Somerset has fished very tough and even finding the fish has been hard. The Northern end of the lake on the Kirkleigh flats has seen the most success as well as Queen street starting to show good signs. Spoons and Plastics working the best, also trolling these Flats has been better than previous weeks, Deep diving Hardbodies has seen some quality fish coming aboard, This technique will only get better as the weather heats up.

Moogerah - It has had a very good winter with plenty of fish being caught all over the lake, the flats inside the Timber and larger points in the basin has fished well, Spoons, Soft vibes and plastics have been getting plenty of attention. The quality of fish has been very good this season with a lot close to that magic 50 mark. Trolling lipless crankbaits throughout the timber has also been popular.

Monduran - Its that time of year when this lake really comes into its own, at the present time with weather still being quite cool the fish have been located quite shallow amongst the inside of bays and large shallow points, Following the wind at this time of year is key as this pushes the warmer water where the Barra are feeding. Preparing your Terminals on every lure is a must for targeting these elusive fish.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast
Due to the changing weather conditions, please check for more up to date information.

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