Fishing Report 11th June 2021

Fishing Report 11th June 2021

Photo: Jacob Flemming, Cooby Dam Yellow Belly

Lure Of The Week - Spin Wright Spinner Bait


These lures have been great for catching both Golden Perch and Murray Cod, by them having a big profile to get the cod interested and still small enough to catch golden perch. Like all spinnerbaits they are great around snags helping you to fish among deep timber. These lures are made out of the finest components that includes owner hooks and premium blades. 
We have just received a good range of these Baits and have already caught some great fish. Find them here: Spin Wright - Spinner Bait 5/8oz

Fishing Our Region

Dam levels for this week. Please note while the levels are current at time of the report, levels will still be rising and falling depending on weather activity & these percentages will change on a daily basis:
Cooby - OPEN - Level not available
Cressbrook Dam - 37.00%
Maroon Dam - 99.70%
Moogerah Dam - 42.30%
Somerset Dam - 73.10%
Wivenhoe Dam - 41.70%
Leslie Dam - 28.72%
Coolmunda Dam - 100.31%
Glenlyon Dam - 54.01%
Copeton Dam - 42.00%


Cooby Dam - Its been all about the Cod since Cooby has re opened with a very small numbers of yellow belly caught. With plenty of weed around it has pushed the cod towards the shallower edges. Trolling has been the method. Either spinnerbaits or a shallower hard body has gotten some good results. Casting Topwater Lures of an afternoon is starting to see some good success and is definitely worth a shot.

Cressbrook Dam - Our local lake has fished well again this week, as the freezing conditions settles in we have seen the schooled fish biting. Targeting the suspended fish in the main basin has been the best option, Plastics like the ever faithful slider grub and 20 too 30 gram spoons like the Norries Wasabi and Hot Bite Gang Banger have been the go to. Fishing Edges of a morning has still gotten the odd fish but with these cold mornings the fish won't hold on the banks for long, The deeper predominant points in throughout the Cressbrook creek arm are holding good numbers of fish.

Somerset Dam - Very little reports unfortunately this week for the casting anglers, there has been the odd fish caught out from pelican point on trolled hardbodies. The fish haven't been easy to find or catch. keeping your lure tight to the bottom or structure is key. The timbered up at Kirkleigh is fishing well, targeting the standing timber with ZX Blades and soft vibes has accounted for good yellow belly. Saltwater yabbies and worms has also done well. After the recent rain has settles good numbers of red claw have been caught through out the shallower bays, Kirkeigh hold good structure to put your traps.

Wivenhoe Dam - Still some good fish around if you're willing to put the time in to find the spread out fish. With that in mind and the fish spread out trolling has been the pick of the techniques ,covering ground and finding those active fish with deep diving hardbodies has been accountable for some very good sessions. For the casting anglers wind drifting Hot Bite Spectres has accounted for the better bites along with Spoons and heavily weighted plastics fished tight to the bottom.

Leslie Dam - With a huge drop in temperature this past week the yellow belly haven't been very active and a little harder to find, Bait being the best option for these fish. The trolling anglers having good success targeting the deeper ledges and the edges of the creek bed. Good cod have been caught with this technique.

Boondooma Dam - Still fishing reasonably well, the fish are reacting to a variety of lures, Metal blades and ice jigs being the go too. Ice jigs come into their own, as the colder weather hits pushing the schooled fish onto the bottom. The Boyne arm has fished well while the main basin is holding great numbers of fish but a little harder to tempt. The deeper suspended fish have reacted well to spoons and plastics.

Glenlyon Dam - Fingers crossed we have seen the first of multiple big fish caught here this season, the lake is clearing day by day and this makes a huge difference on the fish. Keep your eyes peeled on further reports and photos over the weekend. Its looking Promising

Copeton Dam - Good reports coming in from Copeton with a few fish caught over the weekend, its never easy at this lake and they never come without a lot of time on the water. Topwater being very successful with the higher water level. Finding the clean water in the main basin is seeing the best results. Searching for bait fish activity during the day and seeing what bank they are moving towards during bite time is key to finding the larger predators. Larger swimbaits like the Gigantarel and Top Attack have accounted some big fish. As the water temp drops even more this weekend well see some great fish around. During the day working the deeper water with Spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits is another good option..

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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