Fishing Report - 17th June 2021

Fishing Report - 17th June 2021

Photo: Anita Paine with a Copeton Dam Cod

Lure Of The Week - Hot Bite Raptor Slow Fall 


This time of year the Raptor comes into its own as the Bass feed purely on Large Boney Bream, this replicates the bait fish to a tee. This Spoon can be Cast an absolute mile and fished at various depths, a consistent wind, a Long draw or a small hop off the bottom can all trigger a reaction, it all depends on the day and what the fish want. Available in 8 different life like colours! Find them here: Hot Bite Raptor Slow Fall

Fishing Our Region

Cooby Dam - Its been all about the Cod the last few weeks and nothing has changed during this week, Targeting the Shallow banks with a little less weed has had good success, Surprisingly Topwater has been the best bet and some great fish have been accounted for on this technique. During the day targeting the deeper rock walls with deep diving Hardbodies or weighted swimbaits have gotten the attention of some nice fish as well. The yellow belly anglers struggling with finding good numbers of fish in the deeper water. The most success has been bait fishing off the bank, Saltwater yabbies and worms being the best option.

Cressbrook Dam - As this Colder temp settles in over the weekend and some great weather, Big numbers of big fish were caught and released. The deeper water has had the better bite through out the day, Spoons like the Gang banger G2 and Raptor accounting for the majority of fish, while soft plastics like the slider grubs and Ecogear power shads getting the fussier suspended fish. Early morning there has been fish up shallow chasing the good population of gar fish. The Jackalls Squirrel range or Daiwa Double clutch is the perfect Presentation for these fish.

Somerset Dam - Its been a few weeks since Somerset was worth reporting on but its back, A few more reports coming in from somerset over the last week and its looking promising for the winter spoon bite. Good numbers of fish are schooled on the Flats on queen street, once located spoons have been the most effective while Deep diving Hardbodies trolled along the edge of the creekbed off these flats have been successful.

Boondooma Dam - Boondooma just continues to fish well even after a few tournaments being held on the lake, Theirs been good numbers of fish schooled up not far from the ramp that are reacting well to plastics, spoons and metal blades. Sitting in the deeper water and casting back up onto the ledge has been the best bet. Also working the rockier banks with Jigs and Soft Vibes has been effective. The timbered arms of the lake have fished well of a morning, metal blades and plastics fished tight to structure has been successful.

Copeton Dam - Some great results after another recent down pour the lake now sits at 45 percent and still on the rise. Good fish have been caught up on the shallow banks as well as the deeper rockier ledges, the late afternoon bite has been the most consistent. Large Chatterbaits have been affective on the deeper areas while targeting the shallow flats topwater and larger swimbaits have been the go to again this week. The fish are hunting small carp and spangle perch so its key is matching the hatch with your lure selection.

Glenlyon Dam - A few more good reports coming in through the week with a couple over the meter mark caught. The deeper water away from the duck weed has fished better than the shallow areas, Chatterbaits and weighted swimbaits have been effective. Week by week the water is cleaning up so the shallow parts of the lake and large swimbaits and topwaters come into play.

The Weather

Toowoomba Region - 7 Day Forecast

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